Sinergy - Suicide By My Side
Spinefarm Records
Melodic (COB) Heavy Metal
10 songs (38'09)
Release year: 2002
Spinefarm Records
Reviewed by Chris
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Third album for Kimberly Goss and her band Sinergy. Strangely none of Sinergy's album resembles the others and this one is no exception. The first one was a typical True Metal release, probably to attract attention and it worked. The second one was Heavy Metal of the 80's with today's production and raw sound, and it sounded really good. But this third album could almost bear the name : Children Of Bodom.

Alexi being the lead guitar player of the band, no wonder the riffs and solo reminds Children Of Bodom, but actually almost everything does with some exceptions. The first one would be the vocals, Kimberly sounding like a Heavy Metal singer, and not a Death singer. That's the main difference without any doubt. The second one is the keyboards, since these are absent from Sinergy's sound. But beside that, let's face it, many songs are as furious, as fast and as aggressive as Children's ones (and would probably be COB songs if Alexi's singed them). Somehow it's good cause I'm a real fan of that band, and having clear vocals on Alexi's masterpiece guitar work doesn't trouble me at all :). This album is without any doubt the most heavy and aggressive opus of the band and to me it's simply the best one. The Heavy Metal feeling of the 80's is still present in the songs, especially in the songwriting and the choruses (quite square ones). All songs are killers and the production is simply amazing. The song Shadow Island sees a duet between Kimberly and Alexi's powerful vocals.

Basically if you like Children Of Bodom and like good Heavy Metal, then you can buy this album blindly. Heavy fans will find it very worthy and will probably bang their heads against the wall at the riffs and solos, these being simply hallucinating and amazing. Some are beyond everything Alexi wrote before, even for Children Of Bodom, they gained in both speed and melody (and also structure) and they alone make this album worthy of being in every guitar fan collection. An excellent release, and although Kimberly is writing the songs, I'd say that Alexi is the one that makes the band sound so powerful and melodic. In other words I can't wait until the next COB release... it's gonna blast ! In the meantime, don't miss the first killer album of 2002 !

Killing Songs :
The goddamn solos !!!! (but all songs are killers)
Chris quoted 92 / 100
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