Sinergy - Beware the Heavens
Nuclear Blast
Melodic Heavy Metal
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Release year: 1999
Nuclear Blast
Reviewed by Jason
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Being a female vocalist in the metal world doesn’t mean you have sound like Evanescence, wear a black corset with matching makeup, or be a Manowar poster girl for that matter (although that last one doesn’t seem all that bad). Though metal gals already deviate from the mainstream, Kimberly Goss takes this deviance one step further by not only sounding totally different than almost all the female artists in the metal realm, but also by being one of the artists that redefines what it means to be a female Heavy Metal singer. No gloomy/gothic sound, no operatic vocals, and no lack of instrumental fury for the sake of accentuating the vocals – Just track after track of furious, solo-filled, kick ass metal with a smooth feminine touch that isn’t oozing with estrogen but at the same time doesn’t make you say “Holy shit! This is a girl!? Her boyfriend must be pretty tough to be able to cope with a voice like that in bed!”

What begun simply as an exchange of ideas between Goss and In Flames guitarist Jesper Strömblad, later began to materialize as a true project after Goss finished touring with Dimmu Borgir as their Keyboard player. After assembling some of the best musicians in the metal sphere, including the solo master Alexi Laiho himself, the group would record what is now Beware the Heavens. With a team consisting of the Wild Child, Mr. Strömblad, and bassist Sharlee D’Angelo (Witchery, Arch Enemy, Mercyful Fate), its hard to imagine these guys putting out an album that would be under par. This awesome lineup would eventually change shortly after recording the album because of Goss’s move from Sweden to Finland, but thankfully Alexi would remain the lead guitarist.

Beware the Heavens is a heavily melodic album complete with catchy riffs, several beat changeups and a smooth tone which is much lighter than later albums. Goss’s voice is much smoother and mellow compared to the roaring sound she emits on the other albums, and if you were to ask me what style I prefer more, I’d say her energized vocal-fest on Suicide by my Side and To Hell and Back are better. Nevertheless the soothing sound still fits the music, flowing well with the occasional violin or instrumental interludes, and actually sounding truly fantastic on the ballad-like tune Razor Blade Salvation.

Despite the heavily melodic sound of the album, speedy tracks such as The Warrior Princess, The Fourth World and Virtual Future are a true highlight that let Alexi throw in the occasional solo or harmonic which really adds that kick-ass metal touch that Goss was looking for. The drum work is nothing awe-inspiring or impressive, but the riffs are still solid as concrete and that alone is enough to make anyone throw up some horns horns and thrash their head.

Overall, despite its brevity,Beware the Heavens was a very strong debut for Sinergy and it paved the way to the later, more powerful, and more fine-tuned albums. Though most metal heads would likely prefer the later Sinergy material, Beware of the Heavens is still a must have for any person who is a fan of melodic heavy metal or anything resembling it. Goss may not be a Manowar poster-girl, but her material is definitely as hot, fiery, and attractive as her fictitious, half-naked metal counterparts.

Killing Songs :
The Warrior Princess, Virtual Future, Razor Blade Salvation, Beware the Heavens
Jason quoted 83 / 100
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