Last Tribe - The Ritual
Frontiers Records
Power Metal
10 songs (54:25)
Release year: 2001
Last Tribe, Frontiers Records
Reviewed by Dom
Surprise of the month

This is the last time to review an album of 2001! God what a CD! Last Tribe come from Sweden and formed in 2000 by Magnus Karlsson (Midnight Sun) on guitars, Rickard Brengtsson on lead vocals, Kristoffer "Doffe" Andersson on drums and Pär Wallmark on bass.

Back in time! Magnus started in 1996 an education at Malmö College Of Music where he was awarded, in 2002, a master degree in "music education". During this time Magnus started to write songs in the pure metal tradition and became at the same time a member of Midnight Sun on the Nemesis album. The medias kepts an eye on the incredible guitar player who can play heavy metal or celtic folk! After the recording and production of Midnight Sun, Magnus kept on writing his own songs and formed Last Tribe. I can describe the musical style as melodic metal with a touch of progressives elements and very strong vocals, where Yngwie J. Malmsteen meets Europe and Stratovarius! The perfect bridge between the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal and the actual Metal...

Their adventurous and intense compositions give you a complet mind-blowing! They took the risk to put in some very actual electronic sounds without lost the power and the majestic keyboards and acoustic guitar-work. Production is very punchy and makes the chorus immediately kept in mind. The title track itself (The Ritual) is an instrumental and it could be Yngwie J. Malmsteen who played with Iron Maiden! I have the impression to feel Helloween's Michael Kiske waiting to start the vocals! Myself, my best killing song is Ready For The Storm. A pure jewel of mixing between calm parts and surge of energy! For the first try is a master game! Surely the Future World of Pretty Maids of the 21st Century!

Killing Songs :
Spellbound, Tears Of Gold, Falling, Ready For The Storm
Dom quoted 91 / 100
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