Immortal - Sons Of Northern Darkness
Nuclear Blast
Best Ever Black Metal Album !!!
8 songs (50'10)
Release year: 2002
Immortal, Nuclear Blast
Reviewed by Danny
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And black metal will never be the same again !!!

What a demonstration, what a f*ck**g unbelievable record ? How will I be able now to listen to another black metal album ???

Immortal have parted with label Osmose Productions (which is a good think as we are still waiting to receive a single promo from this label) and is now with Nuclear Blast. I can't explain it, but I am almost sure this record was planned since a long time as Damned In Black (previous Immortal's album) is a piece of little funny joke compare to this bombastic album. Hell I am so proud and enthusiast to promote this album.

Forget what you have ever listened from that scene before ! In three words, Slayer is two thousand years behind, Judas Priest sounds like Madonna, Bathory is Mickey Mouse and Manowar, being also with Nuclear Blast, has already lost the warrior fight as Immortal take your soul on Sons Of Northern Darkness from the first second and never give it back to you. NEVER !!! Yes my dear readers, I am possessed by the demons, by the Sons Of Northern Darkness.

Peter Tägtgren is behind the table of course and as said Abbath (guitar, vocals) recently, Peter is the fourth soul, the hidden Immortal's member. What a sound ! This producer is simply a genius and gets out the best of Immortal. The ultimate dream team ? May be. OK, I am a big fan of Immortal, but here this is the perfect demonstration of what metal is all about. You want the recipe, here we go : take a sprinkle of heavy metal (the best of the 80's), a sprinkle of thrash (still the 80's), a sprinkle of death, a sprinkle of prog, shake it and merge your "magic potion" with Immortal. You get a MASTERPIECE.

This is the first CD since 1999 that enters in my all time list (see playlist). Ah just in case you are pretty new with my reviews, this is the first time I ever put 100/100 on a weekly review. You get my point, do you ? You want me to describe this alien ? I can't ! It is like explaining what you feel when you make love ... to someone you know he has never done love before. Impossible !!! You get my point once again, do you ?

For the fans out there, I have unfortunately one bad news : it is going to be a long and painful experience to wait, and wait and watch your calendar again, again and again 'til the 4 February. May be this will help you : our version here is unfortunately fade away so I will also run on 4 February to buy the best ever black metal album released up to date.

Sons of Northern Darkness ? No, Gods Of Metal !!! Holly shit, when I think that year 2002 started just 13 days ago ... and this Sons of Northern Darkness will stay in my heart forever. Who said Immortal ???

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Danny quoted 100 / 100
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