Callenish Circle - Flesh_Power_Dominion
MetalBlade Records
Melodic Death/Thrash
11 songs (52'00)
Release year: 2001
Callenish Circle, MetalBlade Records
Reviewed by Danny

Flesh_Power_Dominion is the third record of Callenish Circle after Drift Of Empathy (Hammerheart Records), Escape (MCD) and Grateful ... yet Forbidding (DSFA Records, only released in Benelux-countries following serious financial problems from the label). This is the first time I ever listen to this band considering Callenish Circle has seen the light back in 1992.

The original lineup of 1992 is not the same anymore. Patrick Savelkoul (vocalist and only original band member left) and Joe Evers started playing covers from their favorites bands like Death, Pestilence, Bold Thrower and old Paradise Lost. Today I can say this Flesh_Power_Dominion sounds very much like The Haunted, At The Gates and even In Flames.

The production is excellent, with this typical powerful Swedish death/thrash sound. There is not a single weak track on Flesh_Power_Dominion and I must admit the time passes fast when you listen to this record. This is the death/thrash of the twenty-first century : fast, melodic, acidic, respectful of the old school and fueled by the new Swedish flame.

However, let's be straight and honest here : the impression to hear The Haunted or At The Gates is enormous, so if you are looking for "originality", pass your way. There are two "covers" on Flesh_Power_Dominion : Pull The Plug (originally performed by Death) and When The Lady Smiles (originally performed by Golden Earring).

I highly recommend you to listen to the first three tracks which are Obey Me, For What's It Good For, Witness Your Won Oblivion. This album will be released on 11th February and if you are fan of the above mentioned bands, I suggest you to check this record ... as long as you have nothing against bands who sounds like others.

Killing Songs :
Obey Me, For What's It Good For, Witness Your Won Oblivion
Danny quoted 80 / 100
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