Emperor - Prometheus - The Discipline Of Fire & Demise
Black Metal
9 songs (51'50)
Release year: 2001
Emperor, Candlelight
Reviewed by Danny

Even though this Prometheus - The Discipline of Fire & Demise is announced as the last Emperor's record, we have learned one thing this years from the metal scene : "Never say never again !". However, last or not last album, I am judging Prometheus (or comparing it) to Emperor's previous material, IX Equilibrium, and I am forced to say this one is not better. Unfortunately !

Actually, it is far from the excellent, magnificent and turbulent black metal masterpiece called IX Equilibrium. Emperor who have written the history of black metal with albums like Wrath of the Tyrant, In the Nightside Eclipse or Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk can not be shamed of anything on this new (last) record ... as this Prometheus is a kind of "extra-gift" to all black metal fans out there.

No worries my dear readers, it is still a wonderful black metal album to add in your metal collection, but the magical aggressive black metal full of mystery is gone, as if Emperor was tired. The musicians continue to experiment new paths and new ideas inside Prometheus, but the recipe is assimilated now and the listener hardly goes in "unknown territory". Except Depraved & The Tongue Of Fire, which are a bit progressive, Empty & In The Wordless Chamber, which remind me very much the best moments of IX Equilibirum and The Prophet, which sounds almost like classical metal, this Prometheus is exactely as described by Emperor's musicians : a self-tribute covering all previous Emperor's records.

The members of Emperor have understood by their own (well before the media) that the time has come to turn the page. Congratulations for this courageous decision ... especially when I see some bands releasing their tenth album ... which sounds exactly like the first one ;-) Thank you also for all this black metal albums as they will stay forever in the history of Metal.

We will miss you forever. Emperor is dead, long live Emperor !!!

Killing Songs :
Empty & In The Wordless
Danny quoted 88 / 100
Daniel quoted 95 / 100
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