Mortiis - The Smell Of Rain
Earache Records
New Wave
9 songs (51'00)
Release year: 2001
Mortiis, Earache Records
Reviewed by Danny

This ain't a review, but an invitation to a forum :

After all the messages our readers leave us week after week each time we post nu-metal stuff, I was wondering if you could help us a little bit with this one. Overall, our readers don't like nu metal because it doesn't sound like ... metal ! (???). May be, but at least nu-metal bands are using electric guitars, bass and drums and lots of these bands are founding their direct inspirations from the hard-core scene ... which is recognize as part of the "metal family". Understands who can ;-)

This one, Mortis - The Smell Of Rain, is a New Wave album from the 80's totally inspired by Tears For Fears. The guitars are mixed in the back (I can hardly listen to it) and the drum is an electronic one. Can you believe this stuff has been released under Earache, which is well known for death & black metal releases.

At the end, I pretty like the record as I grew up with Depeche Mode, Tears For Fears, U2, Genesis ... but this is not METAL AT ALL !!! This is why there is no quote and I will not talk about it. Based on Mortis background and previous records (The Stargate), one question remains open :

Mortis has turned his back to the metal scene, so ... is he as treacherous as bands who our playing nu metal stuff that goes to MTV ???

I declare the forum open .....

Killing Songs :
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