Forgotten Tales - The Promise
True metal
10 songs (45'45)
Release year: 2001
Forgotten Tales
Reviewed by Danny

Very much influenced by Hammerfall or Stratovarius, Forgotten Tales comes straight from Canada, Quebec to be exact.

Forgotten Tales plays true metal and the major particularity of this band (if this can still be considered as a particularity) comes from the singer : a woman. Yes somehow, we get used to female voice for gothic, thrash or power metal, but this is the first true metal band (in the vein of Hammerfall) who combined "galloping riffs" with female vocals.

The song-writing is totally true-metal oriented and Sonia Pineault's vocals are excellent. Musically, their music reminds me others true metal bands like Nocturnal Rites, Rhapsody or Domine. Since the music is riff based, early Running Wild also springs to my mind. On the other hand, I could already bet a fortune Forgotten Tales will have a tough time to conquer metal fans out there : apart the female vocals ... which makes them interesting, Forgotten Tales plays a music we have heard many times before.

I recommend you to check second and third track, Word Of Truth & Gold Heart, as Sonia is really impressive on these songs. Always melodic, forged in "true metal steel", perfectly using the keyboard (Majestic), Forgotten Tales music is quickly "digested". The production of The Promise is ok and we are impressed by this band considering this is their first effort. However, I regret there is not a killing song... or if you prefer a true-metal hymn.

Quebec can be proud and can proclaim loudly to be part of the true metal scene thanks to Forgotten Tales. A challenger is born and we will follow with interest Forgotten Tales next effort. Nice start.

Killing Songs :
Danny quoted 70 / 100
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