Diabolic - Vengeance Ascending
Season Of Mist
Death Metal
10 songs (41'00)
Release year: 2002
Diabolic, Season Of Mist
Reviewed by Danny

I'm really digging with this new wave of death/thrash bands ... considering I was hating this stuff before.

Somehow, this type of material is the perfect marriage of the new & old generation. Lots of bands try to take the best parts of the thrash movement from the eighties, add black or guttural vocals, rapping the mind of the modern metal fan. There is no doubt a new generation of extreme metal bands has seen the light these years.

After the landmark demo City Of The Dead, two albums on Hammerheart records (Supreme Evil and Subterranean Magnitude) and a complete tour with Cannibal Corpse & Morbid Angel, Diabolic's 3rd full-length album hit the streets. Vengeance Ascending establishes the band as expert in contrasting hyper blasting fury : the vocal cadence incites headbanging and the speed of the driving guitars & rhythm section make you hit a brick wall moving at terminal velocity. If I tell you this one has been produced by Juan Puchy Gonzalez of Morbid Angel & Steve Wright, I am sure you get the picture.

This Vengeance Ascending is good as we are talking here of fast death metal, hyper fast death metal ... where your soul will totally consumes itself. My only complain is the drum's sound .... which is definitely too strange for my taste. What a shame :-(

Apart this detail, if you are fans of death metal, just listen to the title track, Vengeance Ascending, as you might even hear Iron Maiden here and there on the guitars solos ... at full speed of course. This is just one of these CDs that screams metal ! When I put it, my stomach goes upside-down as I feel a bit of an extreme condition, but shall we expect nothing less from the current bands of the extreme metal movement.

Fans of Morbid Angel, Carnal Forge or Cannibal Corpse, you know what you should do ;-)

Killing Songs :
Vengeance Ascending
Danny quoted 78 / 100
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