Psalm Zero - Force My Hand
Last Things Records
2 songs (9:37)
Release year: 2013
Reviewed by Goat

The début 7” single from this New York-based duo, Force My Hand is the sound of an intriguing band slowly starting its engine. The members, Andrew Hock (Castevet) and Charlie Looker (Extra Life) have a good deal of experience that shows; the two songs here are well-imagined and executed excellently. Unfortunately, they are also completely opposed in style; sharing little and not even recognisably the work of the same musicians, which makes reviewing Force My Hand as a coherent release tough...

Force My Hand opens with the slightly blackened industrial prog of the title track, clean vocals coming as a surprise and a pleasant one when you realise how well they work. Having something of a Toolish vibe due to the guitars and the mechanical (I'm assuming programmed) drumming, the industrial tone to the track increases when the harsh vocals start, ending suddenly. The following Willpower is a cover of a Today Is The Day song – re-imagined as a neofolk dirge, all acoustic guitars and monotone vocals. It's quite eerie, and grows on you; those who have heard the original (and if you haven't, look it up; really should get around to reviewing some TITD...) will be aware of how different it is and what a good cover it is. If you're new to them, however, it'll likely leave you cold.

As a foretaste of what the band can do, this is a fascinating release partly because of how limited it is. The two songs here show talent, but promising a lot more to come; Psalm Zero have some living up to do, and I'm looking forward to hearing it. This is quite possibly a name you're going to hear a lot more of in a year or two...

Killing Songs :
Force My Hand
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