Prostitute Disfigurement - From Crotch To Crown
Brutal Death Metal
10 songs (41:26)
Release year: 2014
Reviewed by Neill

Prostitute Disfigurement is a band I have been familiar with for a while, albeit in name only. I had never really gotten to listen to much of their music, though I have been interested for sometime. For those unaware, the band plays a fast paced, brutal and somewhat technical style of death metal. This is their fifth full length.

First things first, if you are familiar with the brutal death metal style, there's nothing new here. It's the same thing you've hard time and time again from this style. However, this is not a bad thing, as this album is very well done and a good listen. Just don't expect to be blown away by originality. From the first track, Only Taste For Decay the album blasts through the speakers and does not let up. There are no ballads on this album, and very few slower moments in general. The production is damn good, and everything gets a chance to shine. The drums are fast and pounding, while still maintaining a good groove most of the time. The guitars are precise, technical, and provide some good riffs and leads. The bass really brings the music together as the vocals tend to alternate between a deep growl and a higher growl.

The songs, while well done, are also pretty interchangeable. There is not much, or really any, variety between tracks and the order of tracks does not seem to matter. Also, as the album goes on (this is the longest album in the bands discography) it does wear thin a bit. Some of the excitement and interest I had at the start of the record starts to fade by the last few tracks. Again, however, the songs themselves are very tight. The band knows what they are doing, and do this style well, and there are some good moments on the record.

There really is not much to say about this record to be honest. I enjoy it. It's not the best death metal album I've heard, but there's something about it that I do enjoy. The songs do stand out to me above some records I've heard the last couple of years. Again, this is like most other brutal death metal albums. If you've heard one, you have a good idea of what this album will sound like. Even the songs titles are very typical of this style, with songs like Reduced to Stumps, and Dismember The Transgender. As mentioned before, this is not entirely a bad thing, as the songs are well done, the instruments are tight, and the production is very sharp. I could have done with a shorter album, as it does drag on the last few tracks, but I do encourage people to give this band a chance. They do what they do very well, it's just bringing nothing new to the table. Check out the Glorify Through Cyanide track on YouTube.

Killing Songs :
Only Taste For Decay, Crowned in Entrails, Glorify Through Cyanide,
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