Siparo Power Metal Act - Oblivion-Dark Thorns
14 songs (45)
Release year: 2014
Reviewed by Joel
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Sipario Power Metal Act's full length album, Oblivion-Dark Thorns, opens up with the necessary "Intro" along with a brief spoken word section that segues into the title track. It is here you realize you are going to be taken on a journey. Like many Power/Symphonic acts, this can be judged as overly cheesy, dramatic, or bombastic. While the spoken intro doesn't over stay its welcome. The female vocals on Oblivion, feature two female vocalist Margherita Perrotta and Maria Pia Calandro. The song has a great melodic sense to it, my only complaint would be that the vocals should be a little higher in the mix. The next song, Screaming has everything that previous song had but with a better vocal mix. The vocals are strong, the keyboard and guitar interplay is fantastic, and this easily is my favorite on the song entire disc. If English is your first language, and you have issues with strong accents, the vocals may turn you off, but that doesn't change the fact the vocals are very strong. After a brief interlude(one of four), Shadows is the next song, and it has a faster pace to it, with the same strong vocals as Screaming. After Interude II, we are greeted to the piano playing of chief songwriter and keyboardist, Daniele Tari on Vanishing Prairie. With storm effects and soft piano in the background and Ms. Calandro's passionate and beautiful vocals upfront, this is a beautiful song. Her vocals mainly stay in the alto range, versus the genre's usual mezzo soprano to soprano vocals. At just under three and a half minutes its the perfect length for this type of song.

Bones, introduces Death Metal vocals, with female vocals accompanying them. I can't say I am a fan of these death vocals, but the song has a very cool guitar and keyboard melody. It is somewhat folky, and the song gives off a strong Gothic Rock vibe. The Lighthouse follows Interlude III, with soft piano and drums. Its a good song, but I would definitely take the previous ballad on this disc. I will highlight the clean guitar solo, featured in this song. This song could have easily fallen into the typical Power/Symphonic build up into a huge solo, and instead they went more atmospheric, with a solo that only enhances the songs dynamics. Although a build up does happen and does lead into a different solo later in the song, the song isn't forced in this direction, it grows into it. The final Interlude, with more spoken word and the longest at nearly two minutes, sets us up for the final trio of songs. Morpehus like Screaming before it, is another faster song with piano overtones. Gift is another piano ballad in which the band joins in later in the song. It is another beautiful sung song, The harmonies between both women, are quite good, to where you think your only listening to one vocalist. Free from Sin, is the final song, and features some very well played piano arpeggios, and a strong guitar riff heard throughout the verses. The guitar solo that finishes out the song is one of the best on the entire disc.

While this is not the greatest Power Metal disc ever created, it does not have to be. For a relatively unknown band, to have such great production(Which was mastered at the famous Gate Studios, home Sascha Paeth(Avantasia and many others) and Miro Rodenberg), is sometimes unheard of, but you can tell Mr. Tari wanted the best possible production for the music he created. The story to Oblivion-Dark Thorns is based on his own book "Primavera Di Aeitha." Below is a description of the album from their presskit to give you an insight into the story.

"Oblivion - Dark Thorns" tells the struggle between Heria, the last Moonrider, and the evil prince Djilak, an immortal being sealed in a space-time dimension a long time ago. Now Djilak is returned to Oblivion, the forgotten land separated from the Kingdom of Aithea by The Bridge of Cloud, a thin strip of land suspended on the sea. Heria, on his faithful horse Kiba, rides along the Path of Destiny searching the Holy Objects of the Legend to save his beloved Isabel kidnapped and imprisoned by the evil prince. Shadows and lights of Heria’s soul come alive as the voice of Karma, his personified conscience"
Killing Songs :
Screaming, Vanishing Prarie, The Lighthouse, Free From Sin
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