Wolves in the Throne Room - BBC Sessions 2011 Anno Domini
Southern Lord
Black Metal
2 songs (21:09)
Release year: 2013
Southern Lord
Reviewed by Neill

For many, the most recent Wolves In The Throne Room album, Celestial Lineage was a mixed bag. Some enjoyed it, some did not, and seemed to be the most divisive album in the band's catalogue. If I may, my favorite records have been Two Hunters and Black Cascasde and I felt those were incredible releases. Celestial Lineage really left something to be desired. Now, before we get a new album from the Washington outfit, we are treated to a 2 song LP entitled BBC Session 2011 Anno Domini. This LP features 2 tracks from the band's last album, Thuja Magus Imperium as well as Prayer of Transformation. For those familiar with the songs on the last album, you will already know what to expect.

These two tracks do not offer much difference from their counterparts on Celestial Lineage. One big difference is the female vocals on Thuja are absent and the song itself is shorter than on the album. Beyond that, these songs are done straight with nothing added or changed. The sound of the LP comes off as brighter, and maybe thinner than the studio version, which is understandable given the live setting. Being that there is no new music on this release, there is not much to be said that wasn't said about the album proper.

Of the two tracks, Thuja is faster, and is the second song on this release, which works better for me. Prayer of Transformation has some interesting parts, but overall is a boring track with no real direction. Thuja could be seen in the same way, but I feel that faster pace and some of the riffs make it the better track. I would have preferred different tracks on the record, but given that this was recorded in 2011 after Celestial Lineage was released, I understand not playing older material.

Not much more can be said of this release. The songs are just live versions of the songs on the last album. Depending on how you felt about that release would make up your mind on this release very quickly. Nothing new is provided, and the tracks are certainly not the best in the band's catalogue. If you are a die hard fan of the band, this could be for you, but for the majority of us, this is something you don't need to go out of your way for. If you are interested in listening to these tracks, do so here.

Killing Songs :
Thuja Magus Imperium
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