Live Report - Iced Earth/Sabaton/Revamp with local support
Live Gig

Release year: 2014
Reviewed by Joel

Clock struck 7pm, here in Milwaukee,WI USA and I was excited to see a caliber of show, that normally comes just south to the bigger city of Chicago, IL. The show took place at The Rave/Eagles Ballroom, a venue known for its diverse range of acts it brings. This venue has been a staple of the Milwaukee community for many years. With fans coming from all over the state, and a few people I met who made the trip up from IL. The first band of the night, was Milwaukee's own Conniption. A band who has developed a following here in our home city and state. They are a solid hard-working metal band. With influences ranging from classic thrash(ala early Metallica) to a more modern thrash sound with dropped guitar tunings. Tight musicianship, varied song tempos, could be heard throughout their thirty minute setlist. The band seemed to have won over the crowd by the time they were done. They are one of the few Milwaukee bands, who could and should be heard throughout metal world. Check them out HERE.

Next was the mighty vocals of Floor Jansen and her bandmates in Revamp. This was Revamp's first US tour. Top-notch professional musicianship, and amazing vocals from Jansen, highlighted their brief thirty minute set. I also had my "Holy Shit" moment, when I witnessed, Ms Jansen, delivering growling vocals. I know she is one of the most dynamic vocalist in music, but this really surprised me. Did I mention it was awesome? After they played, they showed up at the merchandise booth, with a long line of fans, wanting to buy tshirts, cds, and of course meet this amazing band. The line was huge, as everyone descended towards the band, but they were complete professionals, and were very polite and appreciative of the fans that came to say hello. Both Revamp's disc were reviewed here on MetalReviews to positive reviews. For the most part the band played most of their heavier songs, with the exception of the song Nothing, which features Jansen's sultry and emotional vocals along with her dancing on stage. She, like the band, are a complete package, they have true talent, stage presence, and engage the crowd in a way that draws them into their music.

Next was one of the hardest working bands in all of Power Metal, Sabaton. Sabaton had visited Milwaukee, just a year and a half ago and put on a show for a crowd less than two hundred people. Which to me is almost mind blowing, when watching their Swedish Empire Live DVD from Poland, where over seventy-thousand people were screaming. I honestly believe, whether their would be ten or a hundred thousand people in attendance, Sabaton would put on the same show. I find myself lucky, and so should American fans, to be able to see these types of bands up so close. The show opened with their signature opening song, Ghost Division. With its driving guitars and double bass drums, the song explodes even more so live. The melodic and marching Got Mits Uns was next, with Joakim Brodén sharing the lead vocals with the other members of the band. The title track from the last disc, Carolus Rex was next, and sounds exactly as it does on the disc. 40:1 from 2008's The Art of War was next with the brand new single To Hell and Back from the upcoming disc, Heroes followed. Speaking of The Art of War, the title track itself was next while an earlier predecessor in, Primo Victoria followed. The show concluded with the classic Metal Crüe which has been a signature closing song for them. As a side note to the show, that I will never forget it, Brodén took the time to acknowledge two young boys in the front row, who were 10 and 13 respectively. He told them to not tell their moms, that he was swearing on stage, and he then gave them his glasses and a wristband.

The lights dimmed and the stage lights flashing, Iced Earth had finally taken the stage. Opening with the title track from their latest disc, Plagues of Babylon, they ripped through the seven and a half minute epic with the same ferocity as it sounds on the disc. Sticking with the latest disc, Democide followed, while Dystopia's V features singer Stu Block, donning a V mask, similar to the one, Hugo Weaving wore in the movie V for Vendetta. The new beautiful ballad called If I Could See You, Jon Schaffer wrote for his grandfather was next. Just like on the disc, Block's emotional vocals took over, and brought the song to new heights. The classics The Hunter and Burning Times followed, with The Glorious Burden's Red Baron/Blue Max right after. The second ballad of the evening, was Something Wicked This Way Come's Blessed Are You. Another song, with a majestic chorus, and one I had not heard live in a long time. If I remember right, Schaffer wrote this song for the fans of Iced Earth. Vengeance Is Mine, Cthulhu, and My Own Savior turned up the heaviness, with the second one coming off the latest disc. The End? was the next song, and comes off the latest disc, its a very dark song, with different dynamics. One of my favorite slower Iced Earth songs, was the epic A Question of Heaven, again with Block stepping up and giving some of his best vocals of the night. The encore followed up with the songs, The Coming Curse, Dystopia, the ballad Watching Over Me, and the Iced Earth signature closer, Iced Earth.

This was an awesome show, from the opener Conniption all the way through Iced Earth. Each band offered something different in the genres of metal, and its an overall show that myself and those who were there, won't forget. I know we don't score live shows here at MetalReviews, but this was as close to perfect, or exactly how I hoped the night would go.
Check out some of the photos here from the show taken by the talented photographer/artist and my friend, Megan McDonald. *All photos are used with permission from Megan McDonald, and all the rights to them belong to her.*
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