Stream Of Passion - A War Of Our Own
PIAS/Rough Trade
Symphonic Metal with Progressive Influences
13 songs (60:00)
Release year: 0
Stream Of Passion
Reviewed by Joel

Layers of staccato strings, a simple piano melody and a heavy guitar riff introduce Monster, the first track from The Netherlands based, Stream of Passion. When the first verse enters, you are met with the passionate vocals, of the very talented Marcela Bovio(She was featured on Ayreon's The Human Equation. As you reach the chorus of the songs, Bovio's stretches to the highest points of her dynamic vocal range. The song is a solid mid-paced rocker that weaves through delicate pianos and heavy guitar riffs. The song also features the first of many songs, that have Spanish lyrics. Bovio is native to Mexico, but has lived in The Netherlands to be closer to her bandmates. The title track is next, and features layers of piano and guitar. The first verse features a bass guitar and drum rhythm later joined by palm muted guitar riffs. Her passionate vocals shine through this song. The chorus with its majestic highs, and a bit of restrain from Bovio's vocals. This restrain is in contrast to the higher range that was heard in Monster. The later interlude section of the song, drop tuned(Or possibly a 7 string) guitar riff and piano solo play off each other very well. The heavy dropped guitar riffs I had mentioned, open up the song The Curse. The next two songs, while being both symphonic and progressive are very different. Autophobia features a slower section through the first half of the song, and Bovio reaching her highest vocals. While Burning Star, is more in your face, and straight ahead, and has one of the faster melodies of the entire disc. Like all the songs before it, the tempo variation, and the contrast between soft piano and heavy guitar riffs are all here. Its song like Burning Star and Monster, that show Bovio's voice is truly unique to the rock and metal world, with no one sounding like her, or her not sounding like anyone else. For You, is a very soft and gentle piano piece with Bovio's enchanting vocals.

Exile is either a song you will either love or hate, and my description of it, would not do it justice. It weaves in and out of various styles, and is definitely a song to be experienced. Delirio is all in Spanish, and unfortunately I have no one idea what it means, its a slower to mid paced song. Whether English or Spanish, her vocals are very strong. Delirio means delirium for those of us, who need Google Translate. Earthquake and Secrets are both songs that start off slower and have a mid tempo to them by the songs end. I really liked the guitar riff/solo and strings towards three minute and fifteen second mark of Secrets. At exactly six minutes long Don't Let Go is next. Soft minor piano chords open the song, before drums and a light tremolo guitar riff plays in the background. The song gradually builds up to a full fledged mid paced song right after the two minute mark. This song has both the progressive and symphonic tendencies of the band. Alongside Monster and The Curse, this is one of my favorite songs on the disc. Out Of The Darkness and The Distance Between Us, both share all the same characteristics as the songs that came before them. I really like Bovio's vocals on the chorus of both songs, and the guitar riff during the chorus of The Distance Between Us is an infectious melody.

Stream Of Passion have hit a high point with this release. While I loved the heaviness of Darker Days, I believe this their most complete disc they have created and by far my favorite. Ms Bovio's vocals are amazing and consistent as usual, and like I previously mentioned, her vocals and tone are unique to the genre. I don't believe you can say she sounds like anyone else. From start to finish, this is an album to be enjoyed, either with headphones or while relaxing. Just let the music, take you another place. Easily recommended to those who enjoy both Progressive and Symphonic music.

Killing Songs :
ALL especially Monster and The Curse
Joel quoted 88 / 100
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