Teramaze - Esoteric Symbolism
Nightmare Records
Modern Progressive Metal
13 songs (78:00)
Release year: 2014
Nightmare Records
Reviewed by Joel
Surprise of the month

Australia's Teramaze's second disc is a gargantuan platter of seventy-eight minutes of Progressive Metal. With a sound that ranges from Tool(in the vocals of a song) to thrashy awesomeness like Testament. All Seeing Eye opens the disc up, and is an instrumental. Its actually a great short song to open the disc, that builds up the atmosphere that is the next song, Line of Symmetry. From sweeping layers of heavy guitars and strings to a slower section, to an almost thrash style guitar riff, this song quickly introduces you to the music that Teramaze creates. Transhumanist is next, and features a stop and go riff in the verses and some very strong vocals from Brett Rerekura. Some very technical guitar playing, and a riff I can't get out of my head makes up the shortest song on the disc, at just under four minutes and fifteen seconds. Bodies of Betrayal and Parallels-Dual Reality are both heavier songs yet sound completely different from one another. More aggressive vocals are heard in the first, while the later has a more melodic vocal chorus section. Spawn starts with another amazing guitar riff and groove, and leads into a quieter clean guitar part with Rekekura's solid vocals. They seamless flow from dark and heavy to melodic and atmospheric without much effort. The heavier parts have a down-tuned/seven string guitar riff that is simple yet complex and adds a certain level of aggressiveness to the song. This is one of the most dynamic songs on the disc, and as mentioned the slower to heavier parts, are so cohesive, that everything blends so nicely together.

Dust Of Martyrs is a heavier in your face song, with some solid grooves. The vocal delivery as an almost Alice in Chains style to it, though the music is pure progressive metal. This song with all its progressive metal, has a more aggressive modern metal sound in the verses, while the chorus features a more melodically sung chorus. The title track is next,the verses feature a palm-muted guitar riff under the melodic vocals. The chorus of the song, builds upon the verses, and reaches a higher dynamic, before it returns to the verse. The next three songs, I believe are connected, with the roman numerals, of VI,VII,VIII. Part VI is known as Order Out of Chaos, with a heavy stop and go riff, with a recorded speech behind it for the first minute. Different vocal layers enter in next, and it adds a truly epic feel to the disc. I really like the guitar riffs to this song a lot. There is a heavy melodic interlude half way through the song, and it really highlights the musicianship of this band. For all the guitar leads, drum fills, odd time signatures, you can tell this band knows how to write a song, versus showing you how talented they are. VII Darkest Days of Symphony starts with strings and a melodic clean guitar melody. The strong and emotive vocals of Rerekura carry the first minute and a half or so. The song gradually builds up and and like everything before is very solid. VIII In Vitro is the last song on the disc, and brings back the more groove-laden sound of the band. Like every song before it, it has its dynamics, a slower melodic part, the heavier trashier riff, the more modern metal sound, its all there. The song clocks in at a second just under the eight minute mark. While this song closes out the disc, it ends with the same energy that Line of Symmetry started with.

This may be a difficult listen to those, who can't sit and listen to an almost eighty minute disc in one sitting, but its definitely the best way to enjoy this. From all the sweeping layers of music, the amazing dynamics, top-notch musicianship and vocals this disc has everything Progressive Metal fans are looking for. The people who can get into this band could range from all the bands I mentioned, to Prog Metal legends like Dream Theater of even Symphony X. Melodic, groove-laden, atmospheric, are all adjectives I could use to describe it, but the best thing you could do, is check out the band yourself, and come up with your own opinion. Teramaze has created a sound, that blends several styles and influences while making it one of the best progressive metal releases you will hear all year. Before you judge my score, just know the next wave of great Progressive Metal is here!

Sidenote: This is the bands second disc, the first one is called ANHEDONIA. Here is a lyrics video for Esoteric Symbolism.

Killing Songs :
Honestly All of Them!
Joel quoted 91 / 100
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