Teramaze - Her Halo
Mascot Records
Progressive Metal
8 songs (56:35)
Release year: 2015
Mascot Records
Reviewed by Joel
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Australia's Teramaze are back with their follow up to their 2014 release, Esoteric Symbolism. I had the pleasure of reviewing their previous disc here on MetalReviews, and I was instantly impressed with what I heard. It was a mix of strong musicianship, and varied vocal hooks that got my attention. With Her Halo, we are introduced to their new vocalist, Nathan Peachey, who sounds much different then his precedessor, Brett Rerekura. With Peachey, the vocals are less varied, but very powerful nonetheless. He has a natural ebb and flow to his vocals, in which he can go from one octave to the next without it sounding like he is using much effort. So will Her Halo, surpass the seventy eight minute epic that Esoteric Symbolism?

Speaking of epic, the opening twevle minute and forty nine second opening track, shows a much more songwriting focused Teramaze. While the virtuosic musicianship remains, it is more condensed and fits within the song. Peachey's vocals instantly grabbed my attention. As mentioned he has a very natural sound to his vocals, and reminds me a lot of Tommy Karevik(Kamelot/Seventh Wonder) in that way. The song itself, is everything Her Halo has to offer all in one song. If you have never heard this band before, this would be a great track to listen too if you only wanted to listen to one of them. At nearly six minutes into the song, the song slows down, and Peachey's vocals really shine through over strings and soft piano. The song also has one of Dean Wells melodic and captivating guitar solos that may be flashy, but fits the emotion of the song perfectly. The heaviness of their previous disc comes into play with To Love,a Tyrant. The heavy chugging guitar riffs during the verses, with a mix of melodic passages and grooves are heard during the choruses. The musicianship is jaw dropping without being too showy, heavy without losing its melodic nature. The album's title track and video can be seen and heard HERE. A solid melodic progressive track, which is one of the best on the entire disc. Out Of Subconscious was the first track I heard of the new disc, and you can see and hear it HERE. Like Her Halo, a great video that actually makes sense with the song(What a concept in this day and age!). Fans of Dream Theater or even Symphony X will appreciate the short instrumental section of this song.

For The Innocent is another mid paced groove infested melodic song. The dynamics between slower melodic parts and the heavy groove riffs, really do allow this song to stand out. Like any great Teramaze song(and there aren't bad ones...just good and great ones on this release) the chorus is a definite highlight of the disc. Trapeze is one song where Wells and Co., can really let loose musically. An instrumental that showcases the obvious talent this amazing band has. Like the songs with the vocals, it has a set song structure, and does not sound like the band is "jamming." Between the background groove riffs, and the intricate harmony leads, this song really captures my attention as a guitarist. Broken may divide the opinion of many listeners, whether they are new or not to the band. It is the most simple straight forward song the band has ever recorded in my opinion, and honestly it is one of the best melodic ballads I have heard in a long time. Peachey's vocals are jaw dropping great(not just good!). If you prefer your music to only be heavy and fast, then you might as well skip over this one, but you will be definitely missing out on a great performance. When the full band joins in the chorus, is just down right majestic(So is the guitar solo!). I can't say enough about the quality of this song, and most of all it is powerful without one bit of sounding cheesy. As the disc started epic, it ends epic with Delusions of Grandeur. Like the songs before it, it has melody, dynamics, quality vocals and great musicianship. I think as far as the heavier songs go, this one and Out of Subconscious are my two top songs, which is a hard decision because of how great the quality of music is on this disc. Production, musicianship, great vocals, Her Halo offers a great modern progressive metal experience. Easily one of the best discs of 2015, and one I will be listening to for a long time. If you are a fan of progressive metal, that is heavy yet melodic, technical yet emotive playing without the "Look at what I can play," then Teramaze and Her Halo is for you!

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