Anubis Gate - Horizons
Nightmare Records
Progressive Metal
10 songs (76:00)
Release year: 2014
Anubis Gate, Nightmare Records
Reviewed by Joel
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Denmark's Anubis Gate's Horizon, is the follow up to their self-titled release and second after the departure of long time producer Jacob Hansen on vocals to feature long time bassist Henrik Fevres on vocals. Destined to Remember starts much like Hold Back Tomorrow/The Re-Formation Show was on the last disc. Layers of heavy guitar, melodic vocals, and different dynamics at every turn. From the guitar riff that opens the first verse, to the melodic interlude after the three minute mark, with a very well played guitar solo. Never Like This(A Dream) has their trademark atmospheric sound effects combined with guitars. The song builds up quickly and never let goes. It leads directly into the next song, Hear My Call with its heavy and driving rhythm that carries through most of the first three minutes of the song. A melodic section of clean guitars enters at that point, before the heaviness returns. Its a great song, but Airways, is pure Anubis Gate. With its almost prog-rock intro to its changing dynamics, and heavier guitars, this song is one I easily remembered, after I was done listening to the whole disc. Revolution Comes Undone is again, Anubis Gate, at their most dynamic. From changing tempos, heavier to clean guitars, and melodic vocals.

Breach Of Faith opens with a simple piano melodic, that gives way to a very cool atmospheric guitar riff that builds into the main riff of the song. I like the addition of the piano in this song, as it adds another layer to the song. With its stop and go riff, and Fervre's vocals, its a great piece of melodic metal. Mindlessness sees the band at their most proggy-ness(if that is a word) The dynamics? Check! Changing Tempos? Check! Too much wankery on their instruments? Not a chance, every part fits the song, as one cohesive band that is playing together. The straight in your face title track is next. It features some great lead guitar playing, that I wish was a little louder in the overall mix. This is more of a Power Metal song with some progressive tendencies as well. The epic A Dream Within a Dream, clocks in just over fourteen minutes, and really deserves your listening attention. The song takes its time building itself up. Within the first few minutes you are greeted with melodic guitars and a beautiful solo. The middle of the song is more their signature melodic sound, with heavy guitars, cutting through the mix. This is definitely a great song to check out, if you want to know who Anubis Gate is, circa 2014. Erasure is a slow acoustic song, with Fevres melodic vocals. Heavier guitars and drums join the song midway through. It definitely works in contrast to the songs that came before it, because this is the only song that keeps the same tempo throughout.

For fans of progressive metal, and those with an open metal mind, Anubis Gate deserves to be heard. This band in my opinion is highly underrated, and we can thank Lance King over at Nightmare Records, for helping this band be heard by the world. I believe fans of the discs, The Detached or their self titled, will find a band who is definitely riding high, on what is one of their best releases to date.

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Joel quoted 92 / 100
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