Hypocrisy - Virus
Nuclear Blast
Melodic Death Metal
11 songs (44'31'')
Release year: 2005
Hypocrisy, Nuclear Blast
Reviewed by Jared
Archive review

If I were to put a vote on an album that I own that may have the most smudges and scratches from constant handling from listening, Hypocrisy’s 2005 release Virus may be an extremely strong contender. Hypocrisy wouldn't release another full-length until 2009 (with the exception of re-recording of the “supposedly”dreadful Catch 22), and Virus was the album to fill the long and lengthy gap. But I had no complaints. Virus simply kicks ass.

Crashing thunder and winds of nuclear chaos open the album in a short ambient introduction. Warpath begins things with furious speed, and violent melodic guitar leads. It’s a brutally melodic journey overall with this one. One of my all-time favorite Hypocrisy tracks Fearless makes an appearance on Virus. Epic, beautifully melodious, yet still sounding aggressively sharp with every note; this song really stands tall and valiant. Of any song I got pumped to in the locker room during football season, this was the one to do it.

Let the Knife do the Talking has bigger more heavy riffs but still exploding with malicious melodies. It’s a bit slower than previous tracks, but the album becomes much slower with A Thousand Lies. The clean guitars open with a simple bass line until it erupts into a massive punch of strength. The album ends slower as well with Living to Die, which is a relaxed journey with clean and strongly moving vocals from Peter. It may be one of the best songs on the album, and leaves a great and memorable impact upon finishing.

Virus is no doubt a strong album that I couldn't stop listening to and still enjoy today. Blasting it in the car pissing off one of my ex-girlfriends from high school, losing my sanity in my teens trying to learn every lick of the album on guitar, there’s lots of good memories that stem from this one for me.

Killing Songs :
Warpath, Fearless, Craving for Another Killing, Let the Knife do the Talking, A Thousand Lies, Living to Die
Jared quoted 85 / 100
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