Overkill - White Devil Armory
Nuclear Blast
11 songs (50:41)
Release year: 2014
Overkill, Nuclear Blast
Reviewed by Thomas
Major event

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and no it's not christmas. Overkill are roaming the dimly lit streets again, delivering painfully, yet highly anticipated, precise kicks in the balls/pubis’ of metalheads. White Devil Armory marks the third full-length of a new spring for these guys, following a slightly shaky first decade of the new millennium. It kicked off with Ironbound four years ago which remains one of the strongest thrash metal albums released regardless of era and sub-style, with The Electric Age following close behind it. Both records helped re-vitalize their career and they have occupied the jagged thrash throne ever since.

Prior to the release of this record, the band promised a more varied and creative approach to songwriting. Although I myself wouldn’t mind more of the same, since they do what they do so ridiculously good, this was generally accepted among fans. However, if you expect something entirely different, you’ll be disappointed. The tunes, although neck-snapping as ever, has some groove thrown in throughout several songs here akin to their outings in the 90’s, such as the opening Armorist and Bitter Pill. However, there are two very important differences between Overkill grooves and those of every other nauseating wannabe Pantera-copy out there. First, they are not the driving force behind this record, second, they fucking rip. Overkill grooves are murder weapons, evident on It’s all yours and the previously mentioned.

Other than that, Bobby Blitz is still obviously raving mad and D.D Verni solidifies his position one of the greatest bass-players thrash metal ever saw, complementing Tailer and Linsk’s blistering riff-work. Together they present White Devil Armory as a full-blown, massive riff-extravaganza, littered with speed, leads and pure fucking evil. I mean, listen to Freedom Rings or Where There’s Smoke and return to me with a shred of skin actually sticking to your skull. Or In The Name and return with your rib cage intact. The list of severe metaphors goes on, point being that this is Overkill through and through, vicious and violent and vandalizing as ever.

All in all, as old heroes continue releasing albums that are signs of their demise more than anything else, the Wrecking Crew clenches its steel fist around your throat, and rips it out. If you liked Ironbound and The Electric Age, you’ll dig this. If you didn’t, you are quite clearly deaf.

Killing Songs :
All of them but personal favorites are Armorist, PIG, Where There's Smoke, Freedom Rings, It's All Yours and In the Name
Thomas quoted 85 / 100
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