Allegaeon - Elements of the Infinite
Metal Blade
Melodic/Technical Death Metal
10 songs (58' 1")
Release year: 2014
Metal Blade
Reviewed by Corbs

To be honest, I was a little excited to hear that Allegaeon was to add a third full length album to their catalogue as I was rather taken with their 2012 effort Formshifter. I particularly like the band's ability to incorporate broodingly melodic atmoshperes into a technical, often-brutal death metal environment and love that they can at times, fittingly wind back the extremity and settle into some good old headbanging riffs also. The contrast is inspiring and shows a level of maturity that may seem implausible in a band whose first full length album was only released in 2010 and one who's had a few line up changes to boot.

Elements of the Infinite definitely remains mindful of what has worked for Allegaeon in the past, especially on Formshifter, and delivers this to listeners in bludgeoning fashion on this outing. It is technical, it is brutal and in parts it is beautifully atmospheric and almost groove-like. The solos are sharp. as we have come to expect form these guys, and I would really like to see if the band is as tight as it seems in the live arena. If it is, it would make for a hell of a night out. Some could argue that this album is a little reflective of Formshifter and doesn't seem to push any real boundaries in looking for something out of the box to offer. To that I say, if it works why change it?! Allegaeon have set the bar in this genre pretty high with their previous releases and the formula works. Sure, in some ways I can agree that Elements of the Infinite is reminiscent of albums past, but it is what they do and what they do well. In today's metal arena where the line between progressing and being labelled a sell out is particularly thin, if it maintains its relevance and keeps entertaining people, then please continue!! Combine this with the fact that Allegaeon have had fairly recent line up changes, it is nice to see that they seem to be attempting to solidify their sound and remain true to fans and their initial direction.

The vocals on this one are fairly standard death metal fare and deliver the desired effect with a believability and conviction. They are savage, yet pleasingly contrast with the underlying choral elements that you can hear throughout parts of this album and are a nice touch as you are resultantly delivered that light and shade element that works so well in metal.

This is a terrific album and if it lacked anything it would be that there were not enough of those stomping, neck jarring, slower tempo riffs that had me falling off my computer chair in Formshifter the first time I heard it!!. Anyone else think that The Azrael Trigger was a killer song? This is just a selfish request though, because I enjoy that type of thing, and by no means attempt to highlight any related shortcomings in this album.

There is enough depth and intricacy to Elements of the Infinite to keep the listener entertained long after the first few spins and it should continue to deliver the necessary kick to the face long after the initial impact of the blistering riffs wane. It churns and pounds you from its outset to its conclusion and is ultimately a very satisfying listen. All the songs on the album are good however Biomech II and Genocide for Praise - Vals for the Vitruvian Man are particular standouts for me.

Killing Songs :
Biomech II and Genocide for Praise - Vals for the VitruvianMan
Corbs quoted 85 / 100
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