Hammerfall - (R)Evolution
Nuclear Blast
Heavy/Power Metal
11 songs (50:00)
Release year: 2014
Hammerfall, Nuclear Blast
Reviewed by Joel
Major event

Hammerfall's last release, Infected was one that raised a few eyebrows. With its zombie concept, and a change from their medieval inspired lyrics. For a band who has been around as long as they have, it was definitely calculated risk, that I believe was good for the band. Whether or not you agree that it was a good disc or not, the fact is that they tried something new, while not completely abandoning their metal roots. (R)Evolution has been said to be a rebirth of the band, and a lot of people wondered if that was true, prior to this being released. Will Hammerfall capture past glory? Will this be Legacy Of The Kings part two?

Hector's Hymn brings the spirit of early Hammerfall, with a song of a great warrior, with his hammer high. Fast drumming, and tremolo picked guitar playing, definitely brings back memories of Hammerfall from their three earliest releases. The song is also a tribute to their long-time mascot as well. The title track is first, and Jocaim Cans, vocals sound as strong as ever. It is a great mid-paced fist pumping song. The first single I heard prior to release, was Bushido, and I knew when I heard it, the band was attempting to bring back past glory. Eastern inspired lyrics with a mid pace gallop throughout. Live Life Loud is an anthemic song, though it is a song, we have heard many times from Hammerfall throughout their discography. Ex Inferis starts with a basic guitar riff, and builds upon it. The song keeps with the theme of mid-paced galloping songs. This song does feature some well placed gang vocals as well. We Won't Back Down is a faster paced song, which would have fitted perfectly between Glory To The Brave and Legacy of Kings.

The moving power ballad, Winter Is Coming is next. I think it is definitely a quality song, though not as epic as songs like Glory To The Brave, or the classic Always Will Be from 2000's Renegade. I will say though Cans vocal delivery is flawless and is among some of his best work. His voice is the true dynamic of the song, and he effortless reaches the top of his range, before reigning it down. Origins probably has my favorite intro to any song on the disc. This song is another fast paced, double-bass drumming song that is classic Hammerfall. Tainted Metal is a by the books, classic power metal song. Without ruining anything, listen to the lyrics, and decide for yourself what they mean. Evil Incarnate is a slower to mid-paced song with a few different dynamics, with a verse that marches slowly, while the chorus is more mid-tempo. The solo has a great wah-infused guitar solo, that does over stay its welcome. The disc closes out with the faster Wildfire, which is everything a power metal song should be. The faster tempo, great vocals, gang choirs, and some great lead guitar playing.

This disc could have been the next release after Renegade, and no one would have thought the band had changed their sound. That is not to say this disc sounds dated, but more as a rebirth of a band who rose to popularity during a time when classic sounding metal was a rare breed. I have owned every Hammerfall(including live cds) since Legacy Of the Kings came out. While I go back to certain discs within their discography more than others, I believe r(Evolution) is exactly that, a band who knows where they started, who they are, and have idea where they are going to go from here.

A special thank you to Chris who has reviewed many of the bands releases, and let me do this one.
Killing Songs :
Hector's Hymn, Bushido, Live Life Loud, We Won't Back Down, Origins
Joel quoted 89 / 100
Chris quoted 77 / 100
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