Ravenscry - The Attraction of Opposites
Revalve Records
Alternative/Modern Metal
14 songs (60:00)
Release year: 2014
Reviewed by Joel
With a very modern tuned down guitar approach, Italy's Ravenscry starts their lastest disc, with Luxury of a Distraction. Metal purist will probably denounce the bands sound right away, though if you dig through the layers of even this short track, you can hear some great musicianship, and a voice unlike anything heard in the realm of metal. Ms. Guiliana Stefani's tone is very unique and I don't think I have heard another singer within modern rock or metal that sounds like her. You will love or hate her vocals, and although they are dynamic, they are also very similar throughout the disc. Over some heavy chugging guitar riffs, some light piano can be heard as The Witness opens up. Syncopated drumming and guitar riffs give way to a big melodic song with a solid groove(the drumming is not overly complex, but is well played). Some familiarity creeps in on the third song, with Missing Words. The next track Alive is a big melodic track and one of the best on the entire disc. The wall of guitars that open The Big Trick, open up this speedier yet melodic track. Some parts of the song(especially the first quarter of it) has an In This Moment kind of vibe. I can't say it is my favorite song or vocal melody on the disc, but it definitely changes things up from what came before it. Touching The Rain and Cynic close out of the first half of the disc. The first is the heavy groove oriented songs mentioned before, while Cynic is a little more dynamic, with different riffs and melodies heard throughout.

The second half of the disc seems a little more varied than the first. It still contains all the heavier elements of the earlier songs, but it sees the band experimenting a little. Like the little lead guitar heard in Living Today, it adds an accent to the songs not heard earlier. I am not saying that every song needs a guitar solo, but something different, or at least a break from the normal, can definitely elevate a song on any disc. The band is labeled as Alternative Metal, which is a label that raises an eyebrow from me. To me the band is bettered labeled as Modern Metal. Third Millennium Man is definitely a song that highlights this about the band. Stefani's vocals are as strong as earlier songs, with a few falsettos thrown in for good measure. She has full control over her range. The groove monster that is Noir Desire is a big melodic song, with one of the best choruses on the disc. The next two tracks are two of the shortest, with Ink coming in at just over three and a half minutes, and being a slower song, that highlights the gentler side of Stefani's vocal range. Your Way has one of my favorite guitar riffs on the entire disc, and is the shortest song, a second under three minutes long. I would love to hear more songs like this one instrumentally. The longest song is ReaLies, and it features one hell of a guitar solo, which I was definitely looking for earlier in the disc. I hope more guitar work like this, can be heard in future releases. This is without a doubt the best overall song on the disc. They take their time building up the song, showcasing not only Stefani's unique vocal range, but the musicianship as well. A "remixed" version of Alive closes out the disc, and it is a little too much EDM for my taste. ReaLies would have been a perfect way to end the disc, but again that is just my opinion.

Like I said metal purist will probably not like this, or even find this a bit interesting. Though if you do like a modern production, and have an open mind, and are looking for a unique vocalist, Ravenscry is definitely a band to check out. Also check out 2011's One Way Out, they have a few videos on Youtube for that release as well.

Killing Songs :
Alive, Missing Words, Your Way, ReaLies
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