MindMaze - Back From The Edge
Inner Wound Recordings
Melodic Progressive/Power Metal
8 songs (50:00)
Release year: 2014
Reviewed by Joel
Surprise of the month
Hailing from Allentown, Pennsylvania USA, Mindmaze are a female-fronted Progressive/Power Metal band. Driven by siblings, Sarah and Jeff Teets the band cast their sophmore outing out to the world. Unfortunately I have not had the opportunity to hear Mask of Lies(their debut) but from what I have heard, and now listened to on this disc, this is definitely a band to pay attention. They have performed at the prestigious ProgPowerUSA festival in Atlanta Georgia. Back from The Edge features guest members from Stratovarius, Pharaoh, and more.

Lush acoustic guitars open up Back From The Edge, before the song gives way to a speedy brand of melodic power metal. Sarah Teets's voice is very unique and I don't think I can compare to any other female vocalist, metal or not. You can hear the song here. Through The Open Door continues the melodic speedy power metal, while Moment of Flight is more progressive, and has some great guitar riffs and a huge melodic chorus. Listen for the bass harmonics in the intro, courtesy of Mike Lepond of Symphony X/Silent Assassins. The guitar solo near the very end of the song, is very well played. Continuing where the solos left off in the last song, Dreamwalker starts. A solid mid-paced to faster song with some solid guitar playing and great vocals. Sarah Teet's voice is definitely not operatic, nor weak, but what she has, is a lot of power behind her vocals.

The longest song on the disc, and my favorite is, The Machine Stops. Has a very Dream Theater/Symphony X feel to it, especially with the keyboards, and guitar riff that doubles over that. At just over ten and a half minutes this song, definitely shows the sheer talented and songwriting ability of the band. Consquences of Choice is full of different dynamics and that really make what would be an average song really stick out. The song also contains some nice vocal harmonies as well. End Of Eternity starts with some soft acoustic guitars and a short bass lead from Lepond, before going into one of the best guitar riffs and a great melodic guitar solo over it. This is a great mid paced song, and headbanging worthy riffs throughout. Onward(Destiny Calls II) is the last song and the second longest on the entire disc. At just under nine minutes, it again showcases the quality songwriting of the band.
A solid sophmore effort from an up and coming American band who definitely knows who and what they are. Mindmaze is every bit technical, melodic, and most of all great songwriters. I look forward to hearing more music from them in the near future. Check them out on Facebook.

Killing Songs :
Back From The Edge, Moment Of Flight, The Machine Stops, End of Eternity
Joel quoted 88 / 100
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