Planning for Burial - Liar in Wait - split
Broken Limbs Recordings
Slowcore drone / dark gothic punk
2 songs (9'58")
Release year: 2014
Broken Limbs Recordings
Reviewed by Alex

I am not a professional, or even an amateur, musician so I never can describe or criticize an album/ band for how their music is constructed. But in the case of Mischief Night by Planning for Burial it almost calls for it. The one-man band is labeling itself as slowcore drone noise, which is basically post-metal everything, but here is the basic recipe. You create one layer, play it for a little while, add on another one, see how they sound together, and proceed like that a few more times. At the beginning Planning for Burial introduces some repetitive simple background chord progression (if you can call it that, since it is basically a 1-2 note). Next comes in mechanistic drum pattern which adds the steady rhythm. Watery rattling melody flows over the top and finally come removed from this world vocals. The overall end result invokes a crazy mood on a bright spring day, when you are half disoriented and half joyful, but don't care either way. Whether this description fits what the band was going for or whether it is in accordance with their style, I'm not really sure, but that is certainly what I feel.

Where Liar in Wait picks up on the other side of the split is with the flowy watery feel, but they have a lot more of a gothic dark-punk edge with Fields of Nephilim style crooning. The band Liar in Wait reminded me of the most was Soror Dolorosa on Blind Scenes. Liar in Wait is certainly less pensive than a typical gothic band, and they do pick up the torch from Planning for Burial in the "strangely happy" department, but in a stoned out sort of way. I guess that is how dark and punk find their common ground. Liar In Wait has Nachtmystium and Wolvhammer members in its ranks.

Hard to say much on a track per band type of release, but when the mood is right, this split can be a fun experience.

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