Victorius - Dreamchaser
Sonic Attack
Power Metal
11 songs (49:00)
Release year: 2014
Reviewed by Joel
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Victorius is a Power Metal band from Leipzig, Germany that was formed in 2004, and Dreamchaser is the second disc and my first time hearing the band(Their last disc was reviewed by Chris, if you care to read it. I was searching the thousands of bands on Youtube, and I found the video for the first single and song on the disc, Twilight Skies. A performance video showing off the various members of the band. With Twilight Skies the immediate comparison to say Dragonforce does come to mind. With its faster-than-light guitar riffs and drumming, huge melodic chorus, and a singer who can reach the highs and lows of his vocal range. You can watch that video here! Though before you discount or throw away the band for a mere comparison to a band that has a love/hate relationship for some, you can hear other influences as well, ranging from Helloween to Hammerfall. I do believe the band has established their own sound, and singer David Baßin has a lot to do with that. Though with the typical melodic power metal range, he has a unique tone in his voice, that keeps him sounding original, and not a carbon copy of a different singer. The more guitar riff oriented Day Of Reckoning is next and shows that the band is not a one trick show. Sure the song has its faster parts but the melodic groove felt throughout the song permeates most of the song. Dragonheart is a big melodic power metal song, that is one of the best songs on the entire disc. The gang choir like intro, to some a really well placed keyboard/synth lead in the beginning. The song also features the equally powerful Thomas Laszlo Winkler(aka Angus Mcfife from the fantasy power metal band, Gloryhammer, who I also really like a lot.) Fireangel brings back the heavy groove oriented feel though retaining the melody and speed of previous songs. The chorus of the song really allows Baßin's vocals to really shine. The title track is next and the previous mentioned Hammerfall(especially their first two discs) influence can be heard in the arrangement. Like I said before the band definitely finds a way to make this sound like Victorius and not a Power Metal clone of a different band.

Battalions of the Holy Cross is another faster paced riff fest, with your fantasy power metal lyrics you would expect. The song itself is well constructed, and has a lot going for it, with its sub-four minute running time. I really liked the heavy yet very melodic Blood Alliance, with an intro riff that really builds for the first thirty seconds of the song. During live shows, I bet this is one of the highlights of the show, with fist pumping verses and chorus that has a solid groove. The speedy Speedracer is another perfect example of the bands ability to combine speed and melody. The following Where Ravens Fly is five minutes and twenty seconds long, and is the longest track. The solid melodic chorus really lifts the song along with a nice interlude around the three minute and ten second mark that segues into a well played speedy guitar solo. Mixing the groove oriented speed and riffs of previously songs, Black and White showcases the bands ability to change up their sound within a song, and still keep it cohesive and sounding like them. At just under five minutes long, Silent Symphony has an almost epic Power Metal ballad to feel to it. Great vocals, great guitar solo and a song full of emotion both vocally and musically.

I speak( I write) high praises for a band, I have never heard of as last week. Do I believe this is the greatest Power Metal cd ever written? No, but I do believe that this band is one of the better newest entries to the genre. If Power Metal has never been your style, this disc probably will not change your mind. If your a fan of the bands I mentioned throughout the review, then this will definitely be for you. With a great sense of melody, musicianship, and vocals, Victorius have crafted a sophomore effort, that will hopefully please the Power Metal loving masses.

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