Womit Angel - Maggotmouth
Inverse Records
Blackened Thrash/Punk
3 songs (7'30")
Release year: 2015
Inverse Records
Reviewed by Alex

The trio from Tampere, Finland, delightfully named Womit Angel did not quite feel satisfied with a full album in 2014 (Holy Goatse) and decided to follow it up with a short 3-song EP statement at the beginning of 2015. Perhaps that also has to do something with the drummer Vile Anarchy’s impending departure.

Maggotmouth opens up with the title track reinforcing the notion that Womit Angel will tread in the realm of blackened thrash/punk. The whole experience will be as raw as you anticipated, powerful blasting and grinding guitars sawing you in half, alternating and playing off each other. Yet there are riffs that owe their origin to the street punk abandon. Womit Angel probably owe their general birth to Motorhead, but they are undoubtedly inspired by countrymates Impaled Nazarene, down to the scene look, makeup and gasmasks.

Children of Moon shows more breadth than the title track. Even parts double bass and blast pounding, with leads no less grinding, the song introduces some power chords, which causes a slower, almost mid-pace, feel, without percussion actually slowing a bit. Proud of the delivered brutal punishment, Children of Moon lays out apocalyptic visions of war and nuclear fallout, the song being almost a 50/50 combo between black and punk. The re-release of King-SM from the earlier demo Gnitimov fo Gninnigeb Eht (suggest you read it backwards), adds classic playful punk melody to D-beat/blast, and combines catchy with crazy. One could sense crowds going bonkers to King-SM in whatever dank basement Womit Angel will be performing in next.

Not for the weak of heart, but if you own every Impaled Nazarene record you have to hear Womit Angel, if you haven’t done it before.

Killing Songs :
Children of Moon, King-SM
Alex quoted 71 / 100
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