The Agonist - Eye of Providence
Century Media
Melodic Modern/Death Metal
12 songs (51:00)
Release year: 0
Century Media
Reviewed by Joel
The Canadian band, The Agonist does not need an introduction to MetalReviews, it was actually this site when I was a reader that I discovered this band. A mixture of more modern melodic death metal with some core influences. Their previous vocalist, Alissa White-Gluz left for Arch Enemy, which I reviewed to a reviewed to a positive note. The question would remain would new vocalist, Vicky Psarakis be able to perform at the same level as her predecessor? The answer to that question will be a personal opinion, but to me the answer would be yes.

The Gates of Horn and Ivory open the disc up, and by the video you can see, the band is having a lot of fun together, and in a way poking fun of music videos themselves. It is a kickass song to start off the disc. The follow up and second video for the song, My Witness, Your Victim and it is a more serious video. The frenzied and varied Danse Macbre follows, and while there is a very small part of the song, I did not care, the musical chaos the band is known for, holds true with this song. I Endeavor is more melodic, yet retaining the death metal tendencies. The more melodically sung chorus may irk some long time fans, though it definitely is not something new for the band. Actually the vocal lines, are reminscent of Gluz's time in the band, though with Psarakis's spin on them. Some great lead guitar melodies are also featured on this song. The next two songs feature a similar structure. Powerful and heavy verses, with growls while the chorus is more majestic and shows the highs and lows of Psarakis's varied vocal range. The chaos returns with Perpetual Notion, and actually one of my favorite songs on the disc. With almost black metal style vocals in the beginning, to a melodically sung chorus, that Psarakis sounds seductive, as she lures you, before she rips your head off with another verse.

A Necessary Evil speeds things up, while Architects Hallucinate(awesome title by the way!) is more varied and almost progressive in parts. Again, varied melodies, both musically and vocally. A great melodic lead guitar solo and chorus vocals. The power of Psarakis's clean vocals can be heard in this song, and even if she didn't growl, there would be no denying her talent. Disconnect Me was the first song to feature their new vocalist back when the announcement was made. The song fits perfectly on the disc, in the second half of the release. The longest song The Agonist has to offer here, is at just over five minutes and ten seconds on the song, The Perfect Embodiment. A slower song, that opens with clean guitar playing, before the sultry vocals of Psarsksis comes in. While not a ballad in the traditional sense, this is definitely the most melodic the band has to offer on this release. The song actually turns into a solid rocker, and this song has giving the band, the modern metal tag more than the melodic death metal tag on this release. I don't believe this is a bad song, though I know there will be the detractors on this song. I give the band a lot of respect for trying something new, even if it only pleases themselves and a small amount of people, they did what they wanted. Not to mention this song, features my favorite lead guitar on the entire disc. Speaking of the ballad, the haunting(yet equal parts melancholic and beautiful), A Gentle Disease is next, and it shows the gentler side of Ms. Psarakis's voice, one that I came to be familiar with thanks to Youtube videos of her singing cover songs before joining the band. The psychotic craziness that is The Agonist, returns on the final track, Follow The Crossed Line. The song like the ones before it, feature everything from majestic clean vocals to guttural low growls, and some great guitar playing. I actually love the riffing on this song, and whether this song was first or last, it is definitely a highlight on Eye Of Providence

The Agonist, sans Alissa White-Gluz is still a damn good band. For those who do not like a band after their original singer leaves, I am sorry this may not change your mind. I believe the band has lost nothing, and have gained a very talented singer, whose vocal range will only help the band grow even more. Eye of Providence is definitely worth your time, if you are open minded to female fronted growling vocals, or if you like this band. Eye of Providence was worth waiting for, and now we can only wait to see what The Agonist will do next.

Killing Songs :
The Horns of Gates and Ivory, My Witness Your Victim, Faceless Messanger,Architects Hallucinate, Perfect Embodiment
Joel quoted 88 / 100
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