Mortals / Repellers - Split
Broken Limbs Recordings
4 songs (19'00'')
Release year: 2015
Broken Limbs Recordings
Reviewed by Jared

Brooklyn’s Mortals, and Philadelphia’s Repellers have gotten together this year to deliver a nasty split for 2015. Both bring a fierce atmosphere to this album that is filled with a blackened essence between the artists with characteristics like crust, sludge, and thrash, all done with a vicious attitude.

Mortals open the split with their one and only piece, 10 Years of Filth. It’s a strong opener, starting off with an unnerving demonic yells. The drums build up the tension, as well as the guitars which are coated heavily throughout the entire piece. The song is an eight minute sludge and melodic monster that leaves plenty of heavy chugging riffs to destroy your neck and head to.

Repellers kick up the heaviness slightly over Mortals with their first track Descend. Clean, deep toned guitars fill the beginning of the track with a dark mystery, and done so very attractively. A bigger, and more importantly heavier sound, arises pummeling with toughed hard-boiled riffs that are simply just massive. From Jericho to Ai is a little bit groovier at the start, but this time around the band takes on a stronger trash vibe. After this short burst of energy, the split ends with False Solace. It’s a bit speedier like the previous track, but still bringing out the big guns, slamming down some melodic riffs.

Though short, Mortals and Repellers split might be one of my most enjoyed albums so far this year. For the first split I have ever covered, I am happy to say that both bands delivered a giant, one that I think I’ll keep listening to for quite some time.

Killing Songs :
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