The Monolith Deathcult - Bloodcvlts (EP)
Season Of Mist
Experimental Death Metal
8 songs (40:32)
Release year: 2015
The Monolith Deathcult , Season Of Mist
Reviewed by Goat

Holland's least politically-correct death metal band is back, this time determined to piss off anyone who still insists that EP releases should be less than album-length. Grr! Still, new material from The Monolith Deathcult is always reason to celebrate, and that this is but a stopgap release is promising indeed, as it's a solid listen, albeit one that doesn't do much new with the band's formula. Those who haven't yet heard the band's previous albums would do better to start there, but fans will be pleased. Seven-minute opener Reign of Hell is an electronica-backed death metal pounder that echoes previous songs from the band, typically epic with orchestral pomp and bloodthirsty topic (the second World War Eastern Front, complete with Ilya Ehrenberg quotes in Russian) and topping it off with some great soloing, setting a tone to be continued through the album.

I, The Conquistador is fairly forgettable at under three minutes, but the following Der Hexenhammer returns to the epic orchestration, continuing the band's early-Nile-esque death metal assault with style. Some more electronic beats enhance Doom of the Tawusê Melek (based on a Yezidi myth) and more orchestration gives Hangmen Also Die a bit more effectiveness, and neither track is filler. Even so, GeneSYS' spoken word sections work better, and Die Waffe Mensch RMX is an industrial dance remix of a previous album track Todesnacht von Stammheim, sounding like Rammstein and Samael jamming together. Finale Den Ensomme Nordens Dromming, meanwhile, is a softer, more atmospheric track with acoustic guitar, crashing waves and seagulls, ending the EP nicely.

Although the death metal songs here are perfectly solid, they don't really stand out enough to be memorable, so the more diverse tracks are what you take away from the listen. As an overview of the band's sound, and a stopgap release, Bloodcvlts works fine and is an entertaining forty minutes, but I wouldn't recommend it over one of the last few Monolith Deathcult albums. Having said that, this is a very entertaining band, and nothing here will disappoint death metal fans with an ear for diversity in their brutality.

Killing Songs :
Reign of Hell, Der Hexenhammer, Doom of the Tawusê Melek, GeneSYS
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