Funerary Bell - Graveyard Séance (EP)
Saturnal Records
Black Metal, Doom
2 songs (12:22)
Release year: 2015
Saturnal Records
Reviewed by Goat

Finland's Funerary Bell have only released a single full-length album since 2007, but they've released several EPs, the latest of which is good enough to make reminding you of their existence a priority for me after being impressed with their 2009 split with Blood Red Fog. The opening track here, Afterlife On Earth, is a gloomy yet riff-driven piece, mid-paced with a persistent backing doomy melody that becomes more stated after a percussive breakdown partway through. There's a shift to a deathly-flavoured doom after that, heralded by an enjoyably widdly guitar solo, almost old-fashioned melodeath at moments, before speeding up into black metal again.

The following Eleanor's Garden is much more doom in style, like early Paradise Lost with its death growls and backing keyboards. It fits in perfectly none the less, being clearly the work of the same band, and is good enough to make you wish for a full album's worth of material from Funerary Bell like this! Luckily the band are apparently due to release another album later this year – after this taster, I can hardly wait. Hopefully this blend of black metal and doom will make for as good an album as it does an EP.

Killing Songs :
Afterlife on Earth, Eleanor's Garden
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