Unleash The Archers - Demons Of The AstroWaste
Napalm Records
Heavy/Power Metal(with other genres)
12 songs (62:25)
Release year: 2011
Napalm Records
Reviewed by Joel
Archive review
Unleash The Archers is a Vancouver, Canada based, Heavy/Power Metal band who released Demons Of The AstroWaste in 2011. The band features a twin guitar attack, powerful(non operatic) female vocals courtesy of the talented Brittney Slayes, and a sound that meshes various metal sub-genres with a traditional metal base. After the sonic effects of opener, 00:00:01 comes the anthemic Dawn Of Ages(The video is very funny and enjoyable). A speedy straight ahead song, that gives you a general idea of what to expect from Unleash The Archers. The Iron Maiden-esque twin guitar attack for a modern production, and vocals that will remind you of another Canadian band, Kobra and the Lotus. The Realm Of Tomorrow opens much like Dawn Of Ages, with a strong lead guitar attack over a driving rhythm. This song is a mix bag of different metal sub genres, but Unleash The Archers make it work. From the melodic verses, to a breakdown featuring growling vocals, each part seems to flow into the next, perfectly. Could they go away with the growling vocals? Probably! Do they work? They are placed where they add a dynamic to the song, where a guitar solo might not do the same. Generals Of The Dark Army, was the first video I saw from the band, and you can watch it HERE.
Daughter of Winterstone starts with a very melodic death metal feel with vocals and riffs, dominated in the beginning by the more aggressive vocals. A totally different shift to Slayes melodic passages comes soon after and the shift could be considered jarring, yet Unleash The Archers pull it off very smoothly for one of my favorite songs on the disc. Battle In The Shadow(Of The Mountain), is another epic song, with great guitar melodies, and headbang worthy riffs throughout. Much like the songs before, using the various vocal techniques adds a layer of dynamics, which elevate the song. The intricate guitar work and leads are also well played(One of my favorite guitar solos are on this song), and the drumming is quite technical(listen carefully to hear the precision of the playing). Slayes range in my opinion is amazing, and you can hear this on Despair. Her falsetto shows her in complete control of her range. She is very talented, and is one of the better metal singers I have heard in a long time, whether male or female!

The Outlander could be considered a ballad, but far from boring, with great vocals and guitar playing. It is definitely a slower version of the band not previously heard on this disc.  Showing this band does not need to be going at a million miles per hour to write a great song. City Of Iron is another favorite of mine, with an a cappela intro and arpeggio solo, this speedy song caught my attention immediately much in the way Dawn of Ages did. The spaced-theme The Fall Of The Galactic Guard is a faster song, with a very cool groove that is as much technical and is it melodic as well. Strong mix of alternating clean of growling vocals trading off. I haven’t heard this much alternating vocals of this style, since another Canadian band, Into Eternity. The last two songs, Astral Annihilation and Rippling Through Time are great melodic songs with the first being a little faster in tempo, with the latter having some of my favorite guitar lead melodies heard on the entire disc.  The tempo change in the latter is a great way to help this disc end on a climax.

While comparisons have been made to similar bands, I find myself realizing when you listen closely to Unleash The Archers you have a talented band who knows where their influences comes from, yet have been able to develop a sound all their own. Easily recommended to those looking for something that may sound familiar yet has its own feel and style to it.
Look for my review of their newest disc, Time Stands Still next week, till then check out the video for Tonight, We Ride off that disc.
Killing Songs :
All but the brief opening song
Joel quoted 83 / 100
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