Unleash The Archers - Time Stands Still
Napalm Records
Heavy/Power Metal
10 songs (56:00)
Release year: 2015
Napalm Records
Reviewed by Joel
The follow up to the solid 2011 release, Demons Of The Astrowaste, Unleash The Archers release Time Stand Still. Though four years have passed the band has retained much of their sound from their previous release. A classic mix of traditional heavy, power and death(vocals) metal. You can read my previous review of their 2011 release, HERE. For the most part the songs follow a similar structure though in my opinion the band sounds even tighter. The short intro track of Northern Passage leads into the frenzied beginning of Frozen Steel. A fast power metal song, with singer Brittney Slayes showing her dynamic range. Technical guitar playing, melodic soaring vocals, much of what makes Unleash The Archers who they are. You can read my previous review of their 2011 release, here. For the most part the songs follow a similar structure though in my opinion the band sounds even tighter. The twin guitar melodies of Hail Of The Tide sets you up for the forthcoming blastbeats. The familiar background death vocals, make their introduction to the disc on this song. While they were not my favorite part of their earlier release, they definitely do add a dynamic. Slayes again shows why you should pay attention to her vocals, with her hitting some the higher notes of her range, and holding the. Something Unleash The Archers do well, is change tempos and use dynamics, and those two things are definitely highlighted here. The guitar solos are among some of the best the band has done(though that can be said for a lot of the solos on this disc), and they lead nicely back into the intro melody. Tonight, We Ride is next, and you can watch he video, HERE. The Manowar-ish titled, Test Your Metal is next. One could also say 3 Inches Of Blood as well, but either way has that classic ode to heavy metal to match the anthemic melodies.

The more technical riffs return with Crypt. A groove-laden mix of riffs and straight palm muted chords. The chorus is more of the same, with Slayes vocal melodies soaring above. Guitarists Grant Truesdell and Andrew Kingsley have some amazing lead work on this song, from the sweep intro of the solo to the harmonies, this song shows off their talent. The soaring vocals return to No More Heroes, as does the melodic lead work, and the death vocals. The song is more melodic paced, and has a very cool but basic stop and go guitar riff. The last third of the song features more death vocals taking the lead, as well as more solid lead guitar playing. The longest song on the disc, is the nine minute plus Dreamcrusher. Slayes shows a much softer side in the beginning, and it is spine-tingling good! Showing that she is definitely a singer who has a vast range, and ability to change her vocal delivery as the song requires. The song moves more into the mid to faster pace the band is known for the rest of the song. This is definitely a great song to start with if you have not heard the band before, to get an idea of what they are truly capable of. Much like Test Your Metal, Going Down Fighting also has that anthemic heavy metal feel to it. The six minute plus title track is the last track on the disc. Male choir vocals open the song, giving it an epic feel over the snare drum in the background. Anthemic is a word I have used a lot, but also describes this song as well. A marching feel to the verses with Slayes vocals over them. A great mid paced song to finish off, the disc. More guitar solos(definitely made me happy, cause this band has the chops), strong song writing, and great melodies, Unleash the Archers have definitely made the four years between releases worth it. If you enjoy a mix of classic heavy and power metal, do yourself a favor and check this band out, along with their previous releases. They will be touring the US in fall with Brazilian power metallers, Hibria.

Killing Songs :
Frozen Steel, Hail Of The Tide, Crypt, Dreamcrusher, Time Stands Still
Joel quoted 88 / 100
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