Barús - Barús (EP)
Progressive Death Metal
4 songs (23:10)
Release year: 2015
Reviewed by Goat

Take it from me; French five-piece Barús are a name to remember in the death metal sphere, on the basis of nothing more than this, their debut self-released EP. Most of the band have experience in various obscure other bands like Cainan Dawn and Project Jim, and you can tell, because this definitely isn't music made by beginners. Barús' Bandcamp page simply states that “Barús plays Death Metal”, and indeed they do, but this is actually quite original for the genre in 2015, something like a combination of Meshuggah and Triptykon, with the heaviness and technicality of one and the grim atmospheric punch of the other. Yet there's also something of the desperate sensuality of Akercocke and their descendant bands, the despairing growls and yearning clean singing, and even prog-tinged riffing, that takes Barús from being very good to something near transcendent.

Opening blast Tarot is the heaviest track present, chaotic and almost grinding before finding structure, turning groovier as it progresses without losing that initial darkness. The hysterical air only grows and grows, turning truly heart-rending towards the end as the lead guitar takes on an almost blackened role behind the upfront heaviness, ending in a technical groovedown – terrific stuff, all. The following Disillusions is possibly even better, opening in a cascade of tech riffage a la Meshuggah, soon turning atmospheric with terrifically spooky spoken vocals and even clean singing, darker and more Akercockeian as the singing turns to snarling and the riffs mount up. Barús are fond of Meshuggah-y technical breakdowns, and it's to their credit that they fit in well with the surrounding moments, even continuing the groovy riffs beneath the atmospheric chaos to great effect towards the end of this track.

Chalice begins in classic 'Shuggah-y fashion, churning riffs with a Barús touch in the Biblical-seeming voiceover that grows heavier as before, but with a proggy interlude for an almost old Opeth-y strummed melody, before turning to full evil-priest mode with repeated exhortations to 'drink it'. After that, the doomy opening to Cherub is a welcome change of pace, the band proving they can handle dynamics well, even with a turn for the speedy and heavy shortly after. There are some rough spots to smooth out, in songwriting and in overall effectiveness. But all in all, this is a terrific first release from a band that I hope to hear much more from. You can hear the entire EP on a 'pay what you want' basis from the Bandcamp link above.

Killing Songs :
Tarot, Disillusions, Cherub
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