Nuclear - Formula for Anarchy
Candlelight Records
Thrash Metal
10 songs (28'31'')
Release year: 2015
Nuclear, Candlelight Records
Reviewed by Jared

Nuclear, a thrash metal band residing from Chile, released their first full-length album back in 2003 and since then have released three albums. Their presence in metal has been a bit shadowed which is a surprise for a band that derives influence from bands like Kreator, Exodus, and Slayer. Formula for Anarchy is their fourth album to date, one that is harsh on the ears, and violently driven throughout its short burst of thrash.

Offender opens the album up in an intense manner, bringing out hastened, messy guitars that act as a brain bashing introduction. Confront follows down this head crushing attitude indefinitely, giving the album one that is glazed in a heavy uproar. There’s little to no room where these guys like to slow down on their latest vicious taste of thrash. Self-Righteous Hypocrites takes the speed up a notch, with more hastened guitars to really get the hair swinging. The track being one of my favorites gets a little more hard-edged with a bit more double bass with this one, and really flexing the guitars with one hectic solo to boot.

Another zesty track found on this, though less furious than the previous ones, is Killing Spree. Absorbed more on more hard-boiled heavy riffing, this one will create some sore necks once administered. Tracks like Left for Dead prove that this album is indefinitely one built upon a violent attitude, one that rarely likes to back down and let your head up for air. Nuclear is a band that fans of thrash should definitely give a well-deserved shot at a listen, and underneath all the mayhem they create, there is something worthwhile to be heard here.

Killing Songs :
Offender, Confront, Self-Righteous Hypocrites, Killing Spree
Jared quoted 75 / 100
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