Manii - Skuggeheimen (EP)
Debemur Morti Productions
Black Metal
2 songs (13:40)
Release year: 2015
Debemur Morti Productions
Reviewed by Goat

Sometimes, a little slice of dark perfection is all you need, and Manii get damn close to it on this limited EP. Featuring Cernunnus and Sargatanas of Manes, this project was reformed to allow the pair a black metal outlet following the increasing avant-garde nature of their main band, and although already delivering on 2013's Kollaps, Skuggeheimen is a welcome further step. The band play a very traditional, austere version of Norwegian black metal, full of icy atmosphere, and over the two tracks here will take you back to the days of Under ein Blodraud Maane.

Opener Helvetes Haller is the sort of spacey atmospheric black metal piece that uses the backing, distant keyboards as war horns for the epic rumble that the rest of the instruments provide. It's very early Emperor, with a touch of early Abigor, but is so grippingly performed that such comparisons soon fall away. Dansen Gjennom Skuggeheimen follows much the same path but is a step sideways, slower and even more atmospheric, with a touch of early Burzum in the hypnotic rhythms.

Both tracks are a step backwards in time from the material on the interesting Kollaps, which is inferior to this. I want to hear more even from Manii, as this is exactly the sort of traditional but invigorating black metal that somehow still sends a chill up your spine in 2015, even though you've heard it all before. Check both releases out, neither will disappoint, but Skuggeheimen suggests a band with their heart and soul in the past, in the best of ways.

Killing Songs :
Both tracks are excellent, but Dansen Gjennom Skuggeheimen is my pick of the pair
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