Andi Deris - Come in From The Rain
Reef Records
Melodic Hard Rock
11 songs (44:31)
Release year: 1997
Reviewed by Marty
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This album marked the first solo release by the former Pink Cream 69 frontman, now current Helloween vocalist, and was released in the 2 year period between Helloween's Time Of The Oath and Better Than Raw albums. This offering was a little bit of a glimpse into the future for Helloween fans. Andi's contributions to Helloween started to take a different slant after this release. It seemed that he gained a lot of confidence in himself as a songwriter which allowed him a little more freedom to express himself and not feel obligated to writing songs that had to have the Helloween trademark sound to them. This album is a fantastic album of hard rock, a couple of Helloween-style metal tracks, a couple of killer ballads and some great melodic catchy hard rock. This certainly is not a Metal album but I think deserves a good listen if you are fans of Helloween and in particular, Andi Deris. Some tracks are in the style of such Helloween tracks as Forever and One (Time Of The Oath), In The Middle Of A Heartbeat (Master Of The Rings) and Time and Hey Lord from Better Than Raw. Basically, if you like some of the medium-heavy or softer side of Helloween on their releases then you'll love this album.

The first track House Of Pleasure begins with synthesized bass guitar intro and leads into a funky, heavy groove type of riff. The song is a very catchy tune with a great chorus section and features a little different guitar sound than Helloween. The title song, Come In From The Rain begins with a cool sounding pipe organ intro and is essentially done in the traditional power ballad style with a wonderful and catchy chorus that is very reminescent of Hey Lord by Helloween. Think Higher is a nice acoustic guitar and synthesizer heavy track and Andi delivers some very motivational lyrics about how we should try to achieve success by following your dreams and to be all that you can be in life. A very quiet, solemn piano and guitar intro gives way to Goodbye Jenny, a very touching ballad about a very troubled soul who chose to take her own life. It must be based on a true story as the song is dedicated "To Jenny...22 September 1996" below the lyrics in the booklet. Andi delivers one of the best and passionate vocal performances I've ever heard him do in one of the best rock ballads to come out in quite some time. I'm not sure why this song wasn't a hit single. The chorus from this song is so captivating and you find it running through your head even after the first listen. A very haunting and very touching tribute to someone special to him. King Of Seven Eyes will sure give the die-hard Helloween fans their fix. It's a very fast riff-driven Helloween type of song and no features Roland Grapow and Michael Weikath on guitar and Markus Grosskopf on bass!!! It's a really smokin' track and features some great lead soloing mid-song (something that is lacking for most of this album) and is about being watched by electronic surveillance (a topic covered before in Priest's Electric Eye). Foreign Rainbow is one of several songs that has a lighter feel to it and again, choruses are very catchy. One of the more laid back tracks, Somewhere, Someday, Someway features some nice acoustic guitar work by Andi and some higher vocal range singing that you don't hear him do often. Another guitar riff driven song They Wait is another album highlight and deals with the sense of betrayal and being left alone in the dark that people feel after being betrayed by religious fanatics. It's only one of several tracks that feature a solid guitar riff throughout the entire track.....In The Dark...They Wait!!!. Now That I Know This Ain't Love is another almost solo performance by Andi with acoustic guitar and features some great backing vocals for the chorus. This song really builds and by the end there's pounding drums and excellent expressive lead soloing right to the fade-out at the end. Could I Live Forever is a straight-ahead rocker with yet another catchy chorus (tired of hearing that yet!!!). This leaves the last track 1000 Years Away, an almost Scorpions style of song with it's harmony lead guitar fills. This track deals with the horrors and consequences of child abuse and is about an 11 year-old child who jumped off a building to fly with the birds in order to escape an abusive father. With some narration by Andy near the end, I get the feeling that this track too is based on a true story. The chorus to this song, like the one in Goodbye Jenny, is a true highlight to this album. A solid, very uplifting and passionate chorus in stark contrast to the harsh reality of the subject matter of the song. Andi tackles 2 very tough issues on this CD, suicide and child abuse and does it with style and grace and the songs aren't really down or depressing. On the contrary, he delivers some of his best vocal work on these tracks and even with the subject matter of the lyrics, the overall feel is very uplifting with the songs taking the form of touching tributes. He creates wonderfully melodic choruses that are so strong and powerful that they stay with you for a long time even after very few listens.

This album is a very personal album for Andi and really gives you a deep look inside the front man for Helloween. Not having been too familiar with Pink Cream 69 until just a few years ago, this release really indicated to me just what a true talent this man is and the fact that Helloween is still a solid band today is testament to that. There were only a couple of tracks on Master Of The Rings and Time Of The Oath that were soley written by Andi and we didn't have enough material to really pass judgement on the type of songwriter he is until this album. There really aren't any weak tracks, all have a unique style and feel and you get the sense that he's put his heart and soul into every second of music on this release. What may be lacking in guitar riffs or lead solos (a must for any great hard rock or metal album) is more than made up for by excellent songwriting, arrangements and outstanding vocal performances. This is one of my favorite not-quite-heavy-metal-but-still-great-anyway CDs that I own and I highly recommend it!!!!


Killing Songs :
Goodbye Jenny, King Of Seven Eyes, They Wait, 1000 Years Away
Marty quoted 90 / 100
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