Sunburst - Fragments Of Creation
Ulterium Records
Melodic Power Metal
10 songs (56:00)
Release year: 2016
Ulterium Records
Reviewed by Joel
Surprise of the month
I was excited to hear the new Sunburst cd featuring members of Black Fate. Led by the soaring vocals of Vasilis Georgiou and fretwork of Gus Drax. Very much like Black Fate they play a brand of Melodic Power Metal. With Georgiou vocals easily being compared to a younger and more competent Roy Khan(ex- Kamelot). Out Of The World and Dementia the first two songs on the disc can be seen at those links. Symbol Of Life, has some great Drax guitar pyrotechnic's featuring a great tapping section that opens up the song. The rest of the song is one of speed, that though its pace, finds time for some great melodic passages, that allows Georgiou's vocals to shine through. A lot can be said of Drax's guitar playing, but the truth is the guy can shred with the best them, and still knows how to balance technicality and melody versus full on wankery. Reincarnation will get your head banging quickly, with a mix of speed and grooves with a few added dynamics. The ballad Lullaby really is a standout song, especially for Georgiou. This is his chance to shine, with the band dialed back. Drax's feel on his guitar solos, literally makes his instrument cry, and it equals the emotional impact the lyrics and vocals have.

Another speedy riff fest is End Of The Game, that shows the band can be fast and melodic all at the same time. Beyond The Darkest Sun is a Drax featured instrumental, that really shows off his top notch playing as well as his songwriting skill. A lead motif is heard at different parts of the songs, allowing it to feel like an actual song, versus a five minute long guitar solo. Forevermore is a mid paced song, that also features some softer moments as well. A melodic rocker that if you listen to carefully you can hear some of the instrumental talent this band has. The guitar solo on this song needs no description, because if you heard anything by Drax, you know what to expect. Break The Core is a faster groove oriented song, even with some death-like vocals thrown in there. I really love the riffing after the first minute and a half of the song. Remedy Of My Heart is a just over twelve and a half minute song, that shows all aspects of what this band has to offer, even on a more epic scale. I find it difficult to describe this song, with all its moving parts, but if you like what you have read, or heard so far on the links above, then I know for a fact you'll enjoy this song.

Just as I enjoyed Black Fate, which you can read my review HERE, I enjoyed Sunburst equally. While both discs have a lot of similarities, its their differences that I can appreciate when listening to one after the other. If you love melodic metal, be it progressive or power metal, this is definitely something you need to check out. Everyone from Dream Theater to Kamelot fans can easily enjoy this. Easily one of the best releases, you'll need to discover this year!
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