Rhapsody of Fire - Into The Legend
AFM Records
Symphonic Power Metal
10 songs (67:00)
Release year: 2016
Rhapsody of Fire, AFM Records
Reviewed by Joel
Major event
Rhapsody Of Fire's last release, Dark Wings Of Steel received mixed reactions from many critics and fans alike. Some calling it too simplistic in its song structure, while others not feeling the same about the band, post- their first four discs. With Into The Legend, the band has taken the time to go back and revisit those earlier albums. Would re-hashing the past work this time, without Luca Turilli apart of the songwriting? I am happy to say yes, as this is easily a disc to appease older and newer fans alike. While some of it may feel they are treading the same waters, with repetitious choirs, melodies, and overall bombastic excess, the band finds a way to make it all enjoyable. The unmistakable speed, the layers of strings, Fabio Lione's signature vocals, and Roby Di Micheli pyrotechnic fretwork, brings a sense nostalgia and fire to the beginning of the disc(With the official opening track being an instrumental). The title track, and next song, can be checked out HERE. Winter's Rain takes a good two minutes plus to build up its groove. A mix of atmospheric keyboards, soaring Lione vocals, and a rhythmic groove in the background, this song is a definite change of pace. What is a Rhapsody Of Fire disc without an epic ballad, and here with A Voice In The Cold Wind we have it. I think Lione's vocals on this song, are as emotive and clear as he has always been. The flute near the last two minutes of the song, really adds a beautiful layer/texture to the music. My favorite intro and guitar riffs of the entire disc come on Valley Of Shadows. Female operatic vocals open the song up, before the break-neck speed returns. The usual gang vocals, italian sung lyrics mixed in with the english ones, adds a real epic feel to this song. While I like ballad number two, Shining Star, I would have definitely taken an older song, like Wisdom of the Kings first. Realms Of Light is another speedy symphonic song that the band is well known for. Nothing more really can be said, except for the stand out performance of Micheli's lead guitar work(Alex Staropoli's keyboard solos deserve the same mention). Rage Of Darkness is more mid to faster paced and honestly is a lot of the same, which is not necessarily a bad thing, it just keeps things predictable. The Kiss Of Light is every bit epic, bombastic, and any other word you can think of to describe the band. It is also epic in length, at just under seventeen minutes. The middle of the song goes full on cinematic and is the slower part of the song. The musicianship is down right amazing on this song, from Staropoli's solo's to the fretwork of Micheli tasteful leads. This is a definite go to song if you really love the epic nature of this band. As I said before, bombastic, epic, and everything else you'd expect from the name, Rhapsody Of Fire. With this album they have a great direction moving forward, with also a eye and appreciation for their past music. Staropoli and company should be proud of their latest work of art.
Killing Songs :
Into The Legend, Valley Of Shadows, Realms Of Light, The Kiss Of Life
Joel quoted 91 / 100
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