Terror - Legion of Gore
Hells Headbangers
Death Thrash Metal
2 songs (10'52")
Release year: 2015
Hells Headbangers
Reviewed by Alex

I cannot claim that I knew of Cleveland's Terror existence before today, or what it is the style of metal that they play. Yet brief research shows that Terror is a full-fledged member of the Cleveland death/thrash/grind underground. The band has been releasing (and recycling) demos for a decade beginning in late 90s, Terror's guitarist and leader Brian Sekula was associated with infamous Nunslaughter for a brief period, and latest single Legion of Gore (while still recycling material off the same old demos) comes out courtesy of Hells Headbangers, a Cleveland area institution label.

On the single Terror shows that they have a bit of a multiple personality disorder, not quite sure how to rip the listener a new one. The opener Carving Techniques flips through a number of tempo changes, bouncing their angled riffs off the wall, throwing out needling solos in the most inopportune moments, while throwing up retching King Fowley style vocals. A touch of less gory early Death, something from early Anthrax and, since I mentioned it, Deceased, all of this intrinsically American death thrash metal can be heard in Terror delivery.

I personally preferred Legion of Gore more since in that track the band found a way for a more structured punishment, with riffs purposeful, aimed and precise, drums rolling and crushing steadily as well. The tempo can shift too, and the solo is still maddening, but this track seems to have a quick bow to Dutch death metal, and Terror revels in a tighter death metal environment just as much.

Whether the band is on their way to release an album full of new material, only the future will show.

Killing Songs :
Legion of Gore
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