Veneficium - Veneficium
Iron Bonehead Productions
Black Metal
3 songs ()
Release year: 2016
Reviewed by Alex

I knew that Australian black metal scene is busting at the seams with activity, but New Zealand? Honestly, I know no bands from New Zealand but Vassafor. So listening to Veneficium was not only a discovery of the band, it was an introduction to the whole scene. And what a powerful discovery/introduction it was ...

Knowing nothing about what to expect or what subgenre of black metal Veneficium actually play, what stared me in the face from the beginning of Mefitic Exhumations was at least an 8+ earthquake on the Richter scale. Throbbing underneath there is a base drum/guitars rolling magma, and flying above the devastation is snare/cymbal. Inside the volcano there are vocals, aka the beast, hurt and deeply wounded, but trying to break out at all costs (Aggregation of Sufferings Manifest). The boiling stirring cauldron is a little slower at times on both Mefitic Exhumations and Aggregation of Sufferings Manifest, the whole experience akin to a muscular brooding ritual procession. Just open your senses and marvel.

Mordant Photism Above Cathedrals of Ash closes this short tape release with another powerful statement. A bit more uptempo towards the end, there is so much hurt in the originally slower funeral riffs, it is simply palpable. Yes, Veneficium music hits you strong on the pure physical level.

New Zealand may be far away, but Veneficium brought it truly home in one doomy, deathly and savagely potent effort.

Killing Songs :
All of the songs will command your respect
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