Serenity - Codex Atlanticus
Napalm Records
Symphonic Power Metal
11 songs (51:00)
Release year: 2016
Serenity, Napalm Records
Reviewed by Joel
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Austria's Serenity needs no introduction to MetalReviews, it was actually this site that introduced me to them when their debut disc, Worlds Untold, Dreams Unlived came out. Throughout their discography the band has created a symphonic metal landscape, that has gone through a few changes. With their last album, the critically and fan approved War Of Ages, the band had a two singer approach, with Clementine Delauney providing vocals to complement Georg Neuhauser's soaring vocals. With Codex Atlanticus, a work of art inspired by the legendary Leonard Di Vinci, the band brings back some of their early heaviness, and comes full circle with their sound, but with a lineup change, can they keep their magic alive?

We are treated first with the title track, a moving classical instrumental, that gently leads into the piano melody of the first single and song, Follow Me. Watch the song >a href=""target"new">HERE. Sprouts of Terror I think has one of the heaviest guitar riffs this band has produced, and honestly I love this song. The guitars stand out not to be drowned out by layers of synths. An aggressive power metal song, which has one hell of a majestic and melodic chorus. Where the last song showed the band's new found aggression, Iniquity allows the more bombastic and epic side of the band to shine. Sweeping strings, changes in dynamics and tempo are highlighted through this mid paced song. Reason is a song that could have fit nicely on the disc, Fallen Sanctuary, with the verse consisting over Neuhauser singing over the drum and background guitar for part of the first verse. A faster yet melodic song, full of Serenity's signature hooks. The first of two ballads, is My Final Chapter, is a moving song that builds itself up to a climax, before it lets down. That climax is one of my favorite guitar solos on the entire disc. It's technical, melodic, and full of emotion much like the vocals it accompanies.

The bombastic returns with Caught In A Myth and Fate Of Light, with the latter being faster in the verses. Both feature a chorus full of melodic hooks and emotional vocals. The Perfect Woman is very dramatic, and has a rock opera feel to it, and while that may sound cheesy, they definitely pull it off with class. Spirit In The Flesh starts as if it will another epic song, but instead goes in a more straight ahead melodic mid paced song. Their also background vocals that are not Neuhauser's but no guest vocals are being mentioned, so I assume that is one of the band's other members(who DO sing backup). The Order closes the disc out, and it is just as solid as the songs that came before it.

While Serenity's releases are something I have to listen to multiple times before I catch every little melody, guitar riff, with Codex Altanticus I found myself taking even more time to discover everything. This is far from an insult, and more of a compliment, with this solid contender for album of the year. While some may argue this is not their best, this is my favorite since Fallen Sanctuary, and being a fan of the band since the beginning, I believe that is a viable opinion. Enjoy if you love symphonic power metal.

Killing Songs :
Follow Me,Iniquity, My Final Chapter, Fate of Light
Joel quoted 90 / 100
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