Khanus - Rites of Fire
I, Voidhanger Records
Occult Black Metal
4 songs (13'44")
Release year: 2016
I, Voidhanger Records
Reviewed by Alex

Finnish Khanus may only have the 4-track EP to their credit but their intent was very obvious on Rites of Fire. Exotic fire god/cult worship is what they are going for and it is exactly what this EP reminded me of, especially its middle part Orgone and Daughters of Fire. The opener Womb of the Larger Self promises pronounced snappy hearty bass lines and at first surprises with a rather clean yet detuned rhythm guitars creating the unsettled on edge feeling. Percussion gets more active with Orgone, circular riffs begin to grind, Khanus vocals being nothing short of shamanistic incantation, multiple voices swaying to intoxicating quirky rhythms. As represented on Daughters of Fire Khanus may have originated in the Norse black metal, but is much more representative of the second generation bands not happy with just freezing in the woods feeling. There is more attack here, on more levels, the preacher’s voice not just seeking bottom of the barrel or squeaking along, but prodding, enticing, with an occasional growl, or an odd melody, as in Orgone around 2’ mark. Racing chops and detuned jangles, dark evangelizing vocals growing in force and having others joining into the crazy choir, the end of Daughters of Fire is pure ecstasy and orgasm. The Rites of Sacred Ecstasy is then just an aftermath, the body exhausted and floating off.

The dance of Rites of Fire may be short, but it is impactful and meaningful nonetheless.

Killing Songs :
Orgone, Daughters of Fire
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