Maleficence - Realms of Mortification
Blood Harvest Records
Blackened Thrash
2 songs (10'42")
Release year: 2016
Reviewed by Alex

Belgian Maleficence play blackened thrash and they do so a lot closer in style to their European forbearers Sodom and Destruction than, say, charred landscapes emanating from South America or frozen tremolo pickings of Scandinavia. Instead, Maleficence opts for vacillating between a classic thrash gallop and meatier death-metal like approach. The darkness comes in the form of Pyre of Penitence intro and Of Mortification and Beyond outro, and there is actually thoughtfulness given to songwriting, Realms of Mortification is not one-note black punk. What is also surprising is the fact the EP is served on a good sound platter, recording performed at some quality studio, not in someone’s basement. Small melodic tidbits interspersed here and there on Pyre of Penitence, dragged out dissonant guitars flavoring on Of Mortification and Beyond add to the feeling that someone was interested not only in the headbanging aspect of it all, but actually cared for what the final product would sound like. Very respectable, if not infinitely memorable.

Killing Songs :
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