Mausoleum Gate - Metal and the Might
Cruz Del Sur Music
NWOBHM / Psychedelic 70s metal
2 songs (9'53")
Release year: 2016
Cruz Del Sur Music
Reviewed by Alex
Surprise of the month

I missed the splash Finnish Mausoleum Gate made with their self-titled debut a few years ago, so when the two-track EP Metal and the Might floated towards me I was very eager to hear what the fuss was all about.

If anything, what I heard on the EP was the most unusual combination, mixing up Paul Di’Anno era Iron Maiden NWOBHM sound with 70s psychedelia on the title track, and then taking another 7-10 year step back towards the proto-metal and playing something not out of place on Judas Priest’s Rocka Rolla with their 6 min long Demon Soul. The title track has honest raw guitars, but naïve percussion sounding almost like a tambourine. Flavored with an occasional keyboard quirk, the only complaint I have about that track is that it is too short, I need to hear that chorus a few more times without having to rewind.

Demon Soul took me in however. Mesmerizing voice, absolutely fantastic expansive melody, so caring and inspiring, the song captures the spirit of the 70s just like Lake of Tears did on Crimson Cosmos. Wanting to go Jon Lord on us, keyboards however restrain themselves, and allow guitars to take the crazy route.

I have to admit that while straight in your face title track is catchy (at least after the cathedral intro is over), Demon Soul grabbed me more and is still not letting go.

Killing Songs :
Demon Soul
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