Stygma IV - The Human Twilight Zone
Rising Sun
Heavy / Dark Metal
12 songs (70'15)
Release year: 2002
Stygma IV
Reviewed by Danny
Album of the month

Saying this band had so far as much luck as the Italian football team at the last European final Cup (vs France) - where they lost the game just 30 seconds before the end of the game - would still be far from the truth. Stygma IV is a perfect example of what can be "malediction" when it has decided to hit you in the face again, again and again.

After being obliged to change their name so many times (Big Heat, Stigmata, Stigmata IV and finally Stygma IV) because another band "lost-who-knows-where" got the same name and after having lost their deal with Noise label (due somehow to all this problems), this talented and "underrated" band is back and give us a lessons of pure dark heavy metal. Luck "seems" to have finally turn in their favors and I am pretty much sure the next years will be good years for Stygma IV, as this Austrian band really deserve it.

The first interesting thing with Stigmata IV .... ooops Stygma IV is their singer. What a fucking great singer !!! If you like Dee Snider, you can immediately stop reading this review and buy this record blindly as you won't believe your ears. I think the human clone machine has started (and we haven't been informed yet ... officially) as Mr. Ritchie Krenmaier is simply unbelievable and will remind you the famous singer of Twisted Sister. Musically speaking, it is much heavier and darker compare to Twisted Sister.

The second impressive thing on The Human Twilight Zone is the song-writing, which is mature and full of excellent ideas. Stygma IV passes from progressive, to heavy, to dark and even some thrash parts, reminding me Black Symphony. Songs like the title track, At The End Of My Daze, Earth Children (the guitars !!), the speedy My Failure Reveals or the opener Calculation Towers are neck-breaker songs. Congratulations guys ! After all the bad luck, you prove once again that talent cannot be destroyed, simple as that. The fourth track, Sleep, which is 16'07 long resumes perfectly this band : Talented !!! In other words, "Never let the bastards wear you down" :-)

If you like bands like Evergrey, Black Symphony and heavy/dark music in general, don't miss this one for nothing. One of the big highlight of the year so far ..... the confirmation Stygma IV is a great band for those of you who knew Stigmata IV (The Court Of Eternity). And if you appreciate this Human Twilight Zone, don't forget to check their previous record, Phobia, which is also a fantastic heavy/dark album.

You know, it was 10 o'clock in the morning, but I still remember their fantastic performance last year at Wacken ... and their show at Lyon last month (with Angra) was also great and powerful. If I were you, I would definitely check this band !!!

Killing Songs :
Calculation Towers, My Failure Reveals
Danny quoted 92 / 100
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