Drudkh / Grift - Betrayed by the Sun / Hägringar (split)
Season Of Mist
Black Metal
4 songs (35:46)
Release year: 2016
Season Of Mist
Reviewed by Goat

Hey, another Drudkh/band-you-care-less-about split! The Ukrainians are joined for this limited-to-700-split by Swedish one-man-act Grift, the first Drudkh split partner that I have to admit never having heard of (although I see Alex has reviewed both of the band’s main releases thus far!) but on this showing definitely one I should be checking out properly. Drudkh are themselves, which regular readers will know is definitely a good thing; of the two tracks here, both over eight minutes long, His Twenty-Fourth Spring has to take the prize, opening in typical melodic raging fashion but soon evolving through a melancholic instrumental interlude, pushing the band’s always excellent grasp of atmosphere to the fore and allowing it to blossom in your mind. Towards the end, the black metal elements re-establish dominance without letting the melodies fade; typically excellent songwriting from Drudkh. Autumn in Sepia, the following track, is no slouch either – a little angrier and darker, but filling its eight-minute plus running time well, especially towards the end when it locks into a lovely hypnotic groove, and leaves you wanting more.

Grift’s half of the split is different enough to be interesting, Källan (“the source”) taking a full minute to establish itself with ambience before opening with post-black musing, very melodic and almost Alcest-y before the yelled vocals appear, when it becomes more like a very (very) mellow Shining song. The drums seem programmed, but don’t distract from the atmosphere overall; the overall vibe is of Drudkh-gone-prog, melancholic vibe and hypnotic build present and correct – you can see the thinking behind the split. Following track Cirkeln (“the circle”) is more restrained and even more melodic at first, but soon pushes itself forward thanks to the heartfelt vocal performance and a more interesting structure. It’s all just as hypnotic as you’d think for eight-minute plus black metal tracks, and the difference between the two bands is enough to ensure interest remains. A good split, worth hearing.

Killing Songs :
All, especially DrudkhHis Twenty-Fourth Spring and Grift - Cirkeln
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