Death Design - Drown with Me
Inverse Records
1 songs (3'35")
Release year: 2016
Inverse Records
Reviewed by Alex

It is hard to judge a band you never even heard of by a single song, but in the case of Death Design we will have to. Their single Drown with Me is out recently on Inverse Records. If anything IS by design on Drown with Me then, it is the style these Finns play. Their chopping riffs are extremely groovy going hand in hand with metronomical percussion set to a clicker. For vocals we have a one-note, not too harsh death growls, so the combination of that and steady delivery qualifies for a deathcore label. Generally catchy, Drown with Me at times reminded me of less inspired lighter produced Kataklysm, without the Northernmost Killers hyperblasting catharsis or dual black/death vocals. If Death Design were to spice things up with a standout melody or solo, Drown with Me would have left more of an impression.

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