Cross Vault - Miles to Take
Iron Bonehead Productions
Epic Melancholic Doom
2 songs (15'15")
Release year: 2016
Reviewed by Alex
Surprise of the month

It was very unexpected to hear music like Cross Vault Miles to Take on Iron Bonehead. Waiting for the usual black/death metal to come, instead, Cross Vault plays epic melancholic doom, on the softer side of Candlemass or Count Raven. The music here is an epitome of unhurried serenity. With rhythm guitars only slightly distorted A Hand Moving Mountains delivers a hummable melody and introduces vocals which is both Middle Ages square town crier’s appeal and forlorn tearful cry, a very interesting and unusual combination. A little bit more research shows that vocals on Cross Vault are the work of Horn’s Nerrath, which probably explains melodic accents. More than just gloomy, the title track is also epic and benighted, the song traveling the expansive countryside, gaining weight and dissonance at times, but dissolving into acoustic nonetheless, just how it started. Deep guitar strums, waltz rhythms in the middle of A Hand Moving Mountains, guitars sounding like cello or violin, or maybe it is the use of those instruments altogether, there are plenty of distinguishing features on the EP here. I should have discovered Cross Vault when it was on my beloved Northern Silence / Eyes Like Snow, but it is never too late to go back a few years and discover Spectres of Revocable Loss and The All-Consuming.

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