Nordjevel - Krigsmakt (EP)
Osmose Productions
Black Metal
3 songs (13:21)
Release year: 2017
Osmose Productions
Reviewed by Goat

Short but sweet, this EP from Norwegian mini-supergroup Nordjevel (members have multiple other projects and the lineup includes Marduk’s current drummer) is a lot of fun. Playing furious, charging second-wave black metal that’s as cold and icy as can be, it’s the band’s excellent songwriting that elevates them. After a well-received album last year (that I never got around to reviewing but that you should definitely catch up on) Krigsmakt is the band expanding their wings even more. They’re not afraid of melody, but use traditional tools to implement it, faithfully replicating the sounds of the 90s and making them great again thanks to the near-religious fervour with which they play. The opening title track here simply barrels along, riff-led with a solid blasting base, almost black-thrash in heaviness and speed, pure killer. The war theme gets a greater outing on the following For De Falne, which opens with screams and machine guns before adopting a sombre, marching beat, sounding oddly like a black metal Hail of Bullets (which would be amazing – news of their split has just hit, sadly). Slower and more melodic, it’s where Marduk comparisons come most to mind and is probably just a little bit too long at over five minutes, but does the job atmospherically and picks up towards the end. Finale Into Ever Deeper Depths returns to speed and simply blasts along, the guitarists’ fingers getting an incredible work – and then it’s all over. Best when they're going all-out, this is a great EP, and Nordjevel are a name to remember.

Killing Songs :
Krigsmakt, Into Ever Deeper Depths
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